Pneumonia Causes, Symptoms and Treatments in TIM

Pneumonia Causes, Symptoms and Treatments in TIM.

Pneumonia Causes, Symptoms and Treatments in TIM.

Different types of lung inflammation are called pneumonia or pleurisy, which includes chronic, frequent and abundant respiratory secretions, which are accompanied by abundant sputum. This disease is caused by various bacteria such as pneumococcus, tuberculosis (tuberculosis disease agent) and legionella.

Sometimes pneumonia causes are fungi such as Histoplasma or by the protista such as Pneunocystis carini. Pneumocystis pneumonia is very common in AIDS patients. Toxic substances such as chlorine and mustard gas can cause chemical damage to the lungs as a result of inhalation.

Also, smoke inhalation causes inflammation of the lungs and causes a type of chemical pneumonia.

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In this article, we want to introduce the symptoms and herbal treatment of pneumonia from the perspective of traditional Iranian medicine (TIM).

Pneumonia Symptoms

It is very easy to diagnose this disease. The doctor detects areas of the lung where there is no air, by listening and tapping on the chest. If not, pneumonia or pleurisy is diagnosed through tests and x-rays. The affected person has cough, fever, flushing and sometimes shortness of breath.

  • Cough with thick green, yellow, brown or blood-colored sputum
  • Above 40 degrees fever with chills
  • Chest pain or a sharp pain in it
  • Excessive sweating
  • Lack of appetite
  • Difficulty and disturbance in breathing and feeling shortness of breath
  • Severe lethargy and fatigue
  • Muscle pain and bruising in some areas of the body
  • Dazed in elderly people and feeling not conscious
  • Rapid breathing and heart rate for a long time
Pneumonia Causes, Symptoms and Treatments in TIM.
Pneumonia Causes, Symptoms and Treatments in TIM.

Pneumonia Herbal Treatment

If you have pneumonia, you should avoid smoking, shouting, taking laxatives, struggling and moving, a lot of activity, cold weather, drinking iced water, cold drinks, fried foods, all kinds of peppers and spices, and confectionery.

Pneumonia patients should refrain from consuming cold temperament foods such as: veal, egg whites, yogurt, ice cream, cold weather, smelling perfumes, detergents, and all kinds of smoke.

Use the following foods: sweet lemon juice, cucumber juice or cucumber seed cavity, raw turnip juice mixed with sweet lemon juice, carrot juice mixed with sweet lemon juice, celery juice mixed with sweet lemon juice, raw onion juice, non-alcoholic beer, almond oil, fresh coriander, spinach, figs, barley soup with lentils, soup made with wheat and spinach, coriander and curd, cooked wheat with curd, zucchini juice with a little bit of sekanjebin, Jujube and Assyrian Plum (Cordia myxa), Sweet Violet (Viola odorata L.) syrup, Water Lily (Nymphaea alba L.) syrup.

  • Turmeric has an effective role in the treatment of pleurisy. Add a teaspoon of turmeric mixed with a glass of warm milk or water and a little salt. Drink this solution every night before going to bed. If you use milk to prepare this drink, do not drink water for at least half an hour after consuming it.
  • Roast dry figs, pound them soft and eat them. Or mix Blond Psyllium (Plantago ovata) glaze, Willow (Salix) hydrosol and sugar together and drink.
  • Boil 800 grams of fresh Water Lily (Nymphaea alba L.) flowers with three kilos of sugar. Drink a little each time for a few days.
  • Brew twenty grams of Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis L.) flowers in one liter of boiling water and drink a little of it three times a day.
  • Mix Water Lily (Nymphaea alba L.) flowers, Sweet Violet (Viola odorata L.), White Marshmallow flower (Althaea officinalis L.), and Black Nightshade (Solanum nigrum) and grind it. Then mix it with warm water, add some brown sugar and add a little cow’s butter and eat gradually.
  • Assyrian Plum (Cordia myxa) and half-pounded Jujubes (Ziziphus jujuba Mill.), 30 pieces of each, 10 pieces of currant, and 20 pieces of dried figs. 10 grams of Maidenhair Fern (Adiantum capillus-veneris L.), Marshmallow seed (Althaea officinalis L.), Sweet Violet flower (Viola odorata L.), Blue Mallow flower (Malva sylvestris L.) and Thyme (Zataria multiflora Boiss.), then boil and drink the filtered decoction gradually.
  • Boil Sweet Violet flower (Viola odorata L.) and Water Lily (Nymphaea alba L.) flowers in equal proportions. Filter the decoction and let it thicken with sugar. Eat a spoon every two hours.
  • Boil a teaspoon of lettuce seeds in a cup of water three times a day, then filter the decoction and drink it.
  • Boil 50 grams of hazelnut leaves or bark in one liter of water, filter the decoction and sweeten it with honey and drink one cup every morning, noon and night.
  • Boil 500 grams of Sweet Violet flower (Viola odorata L.) in 4 liters of water, filter the decoction and make syrup with one and a half kilograms of sugar. Drink one cup three times a day.
  • Grind Black nightshade (Solanum nigrum), Caltrops (Tribulus terrestris L.), White Marshmallow flower (Althaea officinalis L.), Water Lily (Nymphaea alba L.) flowers, Chamomile flower (Matricaria chamomilla L.), barley flour, Tragacanth (Astragalus gummifer Labill.), Marjoram (Origanum majorana L.) and Salvia Macrosiphon Boiss. Mix it with a little sesame oil, yellow beeswax and rose water and spread it on a cloth and apply it on the chest.
  • Every day, brew 40 grams of Caltrops (Tribulus terrestris L.) in one liter of boiling water and drink the strained decoction gradually.
  • Grind white Sandalwood, barley flour and beetroot leave together, then mix a little Sweet Violet oil with it and poultice it on the chest, back and sides. After a few days pass from the beginning of the disease, gently pound the chamomile, Yellow Sweet Clover kernels (Melilotus officinalis), Sweet Violet flower (Viola odorata L.) and Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis L.) flower and make a paste with barley flour and a little chamomile oil and poultice it on the chest and back.
  • Persian Borage (Echium amoenum) flower, White Sandalwood (Santalum), Peony root (Paeonia officinalis) and Maidenhair Fern (Adiantum capillus-veneris L.), 5 grams each. 10 grams of Anise (Pimpinella anisum) and Damask Rose (Rosa damascena Mill.) each, 30 grams of Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis L.) seeds, pounded them well and mixed with 5 grams of licorice powder (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.) and divided into 10 equal parts, then cut 100 grams of currants into pieces with scissors and add to those 10 parts. Soak each part of it in one and a half glasses of boiling water at night and boil it in that water in the morning. Then filter that decoction and sweeten with honey and drink it before breakfast. Soak its pulp again in one and a half glass of boiling water and boil and drink it at night again.

Pneumonia Caused by Moisture and Phlegm

If pneumonia is caused by coldness, moisture and phlegm, its important symptoms are severe cough during the day and get better at night. For the treatment mix licorice powder, Elderberry flower (Sambucus nigra), Garden Nasturtium flower (Tropaeolum majus), Lemon Verbena flower (Aloysia citrodora Paláu), Great Mullein leaves and flowers (Verbascum thapsus), Shirazi Thyme (Zataria multiflora Boiss.), Persian Ziziphora (Ziziphora tenuior L.), Watercress leaf (Nasturtium officinale), dried Peppermint leaf (Mentha piperita), Bay leaf (Laurus nobilis L.), Primrose root (Primula vulgaris) and Iris root (Iris persica L.) in equal proportions. And if it is not possible to prepare all of them, mix some of them and boil them together. Drink some of its sweetened decoction every morning, noon and night.

Pneumonia Causes, Symptoms and Treatments in TIM.

Pneumonia Caused by Blood, Yellow Bile or Black Bile Domination

If pneumonia is due to excess blood, heat, yellow bile or black bile, the patient has severe cough at night, but during the day they don’t cough a lot. In this case, you should first distinguish whether it is due to the predominance of blood and heat, yellow bile or black bile. First, eliminate the dominant humor.

Then mix equal amount of Persian Borage leaves, flowers, and stems (Echium amoenum), Blue Mallow flower (Malva sylvestris L.), Sweet Violet flower (Viola odorata L.), Cherry Stalk, Opium Poppy (Papaver somniferum), pounded Jujube, and Germanders (Teucrium) in equal proportions and boil. Filter the decoction, sweeten it and drink it. Repeat this action three times a day.

Pneumonia in Hot Temperaments

If you have a hot temperament and you are suffering from pneumonia, first remove the heat from your temperament, then eat Sweet Violet flower syrup (Viola odorata L.), Water Lily syrup (Nymphaea alba L.), non-alcohol beer or Plantago ovata mucilage or sweet almond oil.

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Pneumonia in Choleric Temperaments

If you have choleric temperament and you’ve got pneumonia, remove the extra yellow bile first. To treat it, use tamarind, dried plums, rose water and Purgative Manna.

Pneumonia Causes, Symptoms and Treatments in TIM.

Pneumonia Due to Heat and Yellow Bile

If the cough is severe at night and milder during the day, it is caused by the heat of the temperament and the predominance of yellow bile and black bile. You should be very careful not to use fried and spicy foods, because in such cases, the respiratory system is ready to accept any kind of disease.

I especially remind those who come out of hot water or are sweating or have high body temperature, not to drink ice cold water right away and to avoid eating cold liquids completely. Especially the athletes, whose chest is warm after exercising, if they drink ice water or ice cream or other cold and cool drinks, or they will be at risk of getting tuberculosis.

Especially feeble and weak people, should be very careful. If they feel any discomfort in their chest, chest pain, and cramping of the respiratory system or coughs, they should follow the above-mentioned points.

Choose your food from milk, porridge, rice pudding, soup, pottage and the like. So, if the cough is caused by heat and yellow bile, treat it with the following instructions, and you will get better:

  • Mix soft pounded Salep (Dactylorhiza maculata or Orchis mascula) with fully boiled cow’s milk  and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach. Repeat this process for 5 days in the morning.
  • Mix and boil 3 grams of each of Salvia Macrosiphon seed, Lallemantia royleana seed, Plantago major seed, Sisymbrium officinale seed and mountain Ocimum basilicum seeds, eat its mucilage along with its seeds.
  • Boil an equal amount of Opium poppy (Papaver somniferum), Sweet Violet flower (Viola odorata L.), Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba Mill.) and Trehala manna and filter. Drink one spoonful of it every hour during 24 hours.
  • Grind Solomon’s Seal Root (Polygonatum Mill.) and rock candy evenly and eat.
  • Boil and filter 7 grams of Sweet Violet flower (Viola odorata L.), Blue Mallow flower (Malva sylvestris L.) and hyssop flower (Hyssopus officinalis L.) Dissolve 20 grams of Manna of Hedysarum in it and drink.
  • Swallow a raw egg yolk at night before going to bed. Even if the chest is uncomfortable due to weakness, it will recover.
  • Warm cupping on the chest by a glass and alcohol cotton.
  • Keep Assyrian Plum (Cordia myxa L.) under your tongue regularly and swallow its mucilage until the chest becomes soft.


  • Daeratol Maarif Giah Darmanie Iran (Noskhehaye Shafabakhsh), by Haji Sharifi, Ahmad (Attare Esfahani)
  • Dr. Mohamadreza Razani

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