Long Live Earth, Long Live Abundance

Medicinal and Aromatic Herbs Wholesaler

We supply raw medicinal herbs, infrequent aromatic plant resins, high quality dried fruits, superior seeds, rare manna, semi-precious stones and uncommon minerals from Persia!

ACPFOOD supplies Iranian Mumio, which has very high quality between Mumios around the world. One type of Iranian Mumio is very rare and does not need further processing and just should be cleaned.

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What We Do

We Are Wholesaler And Exporter

We sell bulk, infrequent and precious products which are wild collected from different lands and pastures of Iran.

For over 1MT quantity orders, we deliver customs cleared products to the EU customer's storehouse from our warehouse in Vienna, Austria. 

For Canadian and USA customers, we can deliver their batches to their warehouse through our collaboration company in Toronto, Canada.

Our Customers

Industries Which Use Our Products

Our customers are manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, importers and factories which are active in different industries such as pharmaceutical, herbal tea, perfumery, cosmetics, food, soft and alcoholic beverages, veterinary, extract and hydrosol, incense and aromatherapy, pesticide and many others.