Scientific Names: Hyssopus officinalis L.
Synonym: Dracocephalum officinalis L.
English Name: Hyssop
Other names in English: Common Hyssop
Family: Lamiaceae

Persian Name: زوفا/ Zoufa
German Name: Arznei-Ysop, Echter Ysop, Gewöhnlicher Ysop, Ysop
French Name: Hissope, Hysope officinale, Hysope

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About Hyssopus officinalis

It is a perennial plant that reaches sixty centimeters in height. Its stems are straight and relatively thick, and their cross section is square. The bottom of its stems is wooden.

Its leaves are elongated, narrow, almost oval, pointed, small, slightly thick and almost like the leaves of the savory plant. These leaves grow in threes or fives, without petioles, and opposite. In the middle of each leaf, there is a well-defined longitudinal groove.

The flowers are small, purple, tabbed and slightly elongated and grow without a stalk at the junction of the leaf and the stem. The flowers of some species of this plant are blue and some are white. Hyssopus officinalis flower has red and pink sepals and is almost conical in shape.

Its seeds are very small, elongated, almond-shaped, drop-shaped, pointed and blackish brown. Its root is malignant. All parts of this plant have a fragrant aroma and a bitter taste.

Temperament: Second degree of hot and dry

Chemical Constituents

Isopinocamphone, pinocamphone, β-pinene, elemol, germacrene D, bicyclogermacrene, limonene, β-phellandrene, cineole, isopinocamphone, pinocarvone, methyleugenol

Health Benefits

This herb helps to heal paralysis, chronic cough, pneumonia, colds, shortness of breath, chest pain, side pain, knee pain, liver pain, stomach pain, colic, animal and poisonous insect bites, and expulsion of stomach worms. Drinking its decoction with honey and Ruta graveolens kills all types of intestinal worms and improves pneumonia, shortness of breath, chronic cough and cold. Drinking this decoction with coriander expels thick humors from the body and brighten the face and complexion.

Drinking the decoction of hyssop and figs helps to treat diphtheria. Keeping its decoction which is cooked with vinegar in the mouth is useful for toothache. Inhalation of boiling hyssop vapor relieves ear congestion. Its poultice with water is useful for removing hot swellings. Its poultice helps to treat cataracts. Its poultice, borax, and figs eliminates splenomegaly.

Dose: 10 to 12 grams for preparing the decoction.

Harms: Liver

Modifiers: Gum Arabic and sour pomegranate


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