Dried Fig


Scientific Name: Ficus carica L.
Synonyms: Caprificus leucocarpa Gasp., Ficus deliciosa Gasp.
English Name: Fig
Other Names in English: Edible Fig, Common Fig, Dried Fig
Family: Moraceae



Persian Name: Anjeer- Anjeel/ اَنجیر- اَنجیل
German Name: Feige
French Name: Figue


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About Ficus Carica

Fig is the fruit of a tree whose height reaches six meters. Fig tree leaves are broad, relatively large, and rough and usually have two or four cuts. The fig tree bears fruit without blossoms or flowers. The fruit of the fig tree is almost drop-shaped and soft, and its skin is initially thick and green. But after fully ripening, it becomes thin and turns black or yellow.

Inside this fruit there are strings and small red seeds. The taste of Fig tree fruits is sweet. If the unripe fruit of the Fig tree is separated from its stem, a white sap comes out.

Ficus Carica Chemical Constituents

Each 100 grams of raw and dried figs contains the following ingredients:
23g Water, 4.3g Protein, 1.3g Fat, 69g Carbohydrates, 126mg Calcium, 77mg Phosphorus, 3mg Iron, 34mg Sodium, 640mg Potassium, 0.1mg Thiamine, 0.1mg Riboflavin, 0.7mg Niacin.

Sugar, Starch, Cellulose, Enzyme, Lime, Nitrogen materials, Manganese, Bromine, Proteose, Protease, Ficin, Ash, Lipase, Cravin, Carotin, Tyrosine, Amino acid, Malic acid, Boric acid, Crotonic acid, Citric acid.

Fig Temperament

Second degree of hot and first degree of dry.

Health Benefits of Figs

Fresh figs eliminate phlegm, is diuretic, nutritious, laxative, reduce heat and thirst, open liver, and spleen blockages, and strengthen the sexual power. Dried figs are thirst-quenching, laxative, and erectile, and all their properties are weaker than fresh figs. Fig’s latex is a strong laxative. Fresh fig leaf extract is laxative too.

Fig improves epilepsy, chest pain, shortness of breath, cough, palpitation, breast and intestine cancer, hemorrhoids, splenomegaly, kidney atrophy, dysuria, urine intermittency, abscess, muscle weakness and paralysis. The nutritional value of yellow and black figs is the same. But the medicinal properties of black figs are better than yellow ones. Figs are more nutritious than other fruits, useful for kidneys, easy to digest, increase bone density, lighten skin color, eliminate bad breath, prevent hair loss, increase mother’s milk and are useful for pregnant women.

Eating an equal mixture of figs and honey helps heal stomach ulcers. Sipping the decoction of figs, Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) leaves and honey helps purify the chest and lungs. Drinking decoction of figs and Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis L.) is beneficial for enemas of chest, old cough, and chronic lung pains. Forty days eating figs with Anise on an empty stomach is fattening. Soak figs in strong grape vinegar for 9 days and eating 5 of them every day along with that vinegar and a pounded poultice of the same fig is proven to dissolve splenomegaly.

Uterine suppositories made from a uniform combination of figs and honey and tied with a woolen cloth on the entrance of the uterus enemas the rotten moisture of the uterus and improves uterine bleeding and wounds.

Enema with figs and boiled water of Common Rue (Ruta graveolens L.) is useful for stomachache.

Gargling fig decoction helps to relieve swelling of the tongue and lungs. Poultice of figs and barley flour in warm form relieves muscle pain and opens abscess.

Dry fig improves paralysis, cold and moist diseases, back pain and urine intermittency and expels infectious substances from the skin. A decoction of dried figs is useful for inflammation of the respiratory tract, colds, pneumonia, and pleurisy.

Gargling a thick decoction of dried figs helps a lot in treating sore throat.

Poultice of unripe and cooked figs is useful for scrofula.

Fig leaf lowers blood fat and blood sugar and relives cough. The poultice of its fresh leaves is a pain reliever and heals wounds. Poultice of its fresh leaves with vinegar is useful for opening skin pores. A poultice of cooked fig leaves strengthens the damaged bone.

Fig latex poultice with Fenugreek cures gout. Cotton soaked in fig latex on tooth relieves the pain of rotten tooth.

  1. Dried Fig cools the heart, relieves congestion, strengthens the liver and relieves low urine secretion.
  2. Cook a jam or compote by it. It is strengthening and tonic, it is useful for strengthening sexual power, it eliminates indigestion, it cures obsessive-compulsive disorder, epilepsy and insanity, it relieves moist cough.
  3. Roast the dried Fig and pulverize them until it becomes like coffee and eat it. It is useful for treating pertussis, pneumonia, acute pneumonia, catarrh and bronchitis.
  4. People who have bellyache, have severe abdominal pain and constipation, pound some dried fig with 1/5 of that walnut and eat. It will cure them.
  5. Eat dried Fig with Anise forty days fasting in the morning. It is a diaphoretic and heat reliever, it is useful for the recovery period of patients and it is fat burner.
  6. Boil 40 to 120 grams of it in one liter of water and eat it. Treats suffocation and hemorrhoids.
  7. Brew it with Fenugreek in boiling water and drink it. It is useful for throat harshness, chest pain and cough.
  8. Slice six Figs every night and soak them in lukewarm water and eat them in the morning before breakfast. Treats constipation and inflammation of the spleen and prostate.
  9. Cook dry Figs in milk and taste it in your mouth and gargle it. Eliminates tooth abscess and gingivitis, treats swelling of the throat and chronic sore throats.
  10. Burn dry Figs, pound it, mix it with a little oil and poultice on the head. Blacken white hair.
  11. Smash it and poultice with a little honey on the skin. Treats blemishes and bruises under the eyes.
  12. Burn dry Figs, then rub it softly and mix it with glycerin, then brush your teeth with it. It whitens and strengthens teeth.
  13. Pound fresh Figs and knead it with barley flour, then heat it and poultice it fast until it’s still warm. Relieves muscle pain, opens abscess.
  14. Pound it and mix it with Wax or Olive oil and poultice it. Treats skin stretch marks caused by colds.
  15. Cook it in vinegar and poultice it. Removes dryness of the wound.
  16. Pound it dry and poultice it with barley and wheat flour. Removes swelling of the parotid and abscess.
  17. If soak it in vinegar for 9 days and eat 5 pieces of it with vinegar every day and pound some of it and poultice, it is very good for relieving splenitis.
  18. Mix it with Common Rue (Ruta graveolens L.) and boil it and use as enema. It is useful for relieving gripes.

Side Effects of Figs

Weak liver and stomach. Eating too much figs is harmful for teeth. Fig latex is dangerous.

Fig Modifiers

Thyme (Thymus serpyllum L.) and anise for dried figs. Sekanjebin and rhubarb syrup for ripe figs.


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