Manna of Hedysarum


Scientific Name: Alhagi pseudalhagi (M.Bieb.) Desv. ex Wangerin
Synonyms: Alhagi pseudalhagi (M.Bieb.) Desv.
English Name: Manna of Hedysarum
Other names in English: Camel Thorn Manna
Family: Fabaceae



Persian Name: ترنجبین، ترنگبین/ Taranjebin, Tarangebin


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About Manna of Hedysarum

It is a sweet substance that sits on Camel Thorn plant which is from Leguminosae family. This plant has many thorns and small flowers and grows in dry places. In hot season and in late summer, drops of Manna of Hedysarum appear on the leaves and branches of this plant during the night and the villagers collect them early in the morning before sunrise.

Camelthorn Manna Chemical Constituents

Melezitose, Sucrose.

Camelthorn Manna Temperament

A little hot but at the same time moist.

Camel Thorn Manna Health Benefits

  1. Dissolve 12 to 35 grams of Manna of Hedysarum in water every morning and drink it. It has the property of stimulating the intestines, it is useful for defecation and laxative, relieves fever and thirst, relieves chest pain, also treats suspected infectious diseases.
  2. Dissolve Alhagi Manna in whey and drink it. It is useful for expelling burnt homours.
  3. Dissolve it in beer and drink it. It is useful for repelling warm homours.
  4. Dissolve 30 grams of it in a glass of fresh milk every day and drink it. Constantly drinking it stimulates sexual power.
  5. Pulverize Manna of Hedysarum and eat it with butter. It is effective for Urinary incontinence.
  6. Mix it with Cumin and brew it, then remove Cumin using a mesh strainer and drink it. Treats gastrointestinal sounds accompanied by a mild fever.

Side Effects of Camel Thorn Manna

It is harmful for the spleen and warm fevers and for hot-temperament people, people who have smallpox-like pimples on the body which associated with fever, as well as people who have typhoid and those who have bloody diarrhea or blood in their urine.

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