Sekanjebin Recipe (Persian Traditional Drink)

Sekanjebin. Sekanjabin. Sekanjebin syrup. Sekanjebin recipe.

Sekanjebin. Sekanjabin. Sekanjebin syrup. Sekanjebin recipe.

What Is Sekanjebin Syrup?

Sekanjebin syrup is one of the most popular syrups, which in addition to its unique taste, has numerous benefits in traditional medicine. This syrup is momentous form of medicine in Persian Traditional Medicine which vinegar, honey or sugar are used as basic components and various additives in its preparation. From the Persian Traditional Medicine ideology Sekanjebin has many uses in maintaining human health and treating patients.

In some sources, Pythagoras is mentioned as the first maker and founder of Sekanjebin syrup, but Sheikh Al-Ra’is Abu Ali Sina considers it as Persian scholars’ achievement, which has been passed to Greeks through Persians.


  • 4 cups of water
  • 4 cups of brown sugar
  • ½ cup of red grape vinegar
  • A bunch of fresh mint or 1 cup of mint hydrosol


Boil water and brown sugar together. Stir for 10 minutes till sugar solves completely. Add vinegar and mint, after 5 minutes reduce heat to medium. Let’s cook for 1 hour.

Remove the bunch of fresh mint. Pour the syrup in a bottle and keep it in the refrigerator.

To serve, pour 4 table spoons of syrup to a glass of cool water. You can add 1 table spoon of washed Flaxseeds or Holy Basil seed and enjoy it.

Temperament: Warm and moist


In traditional medicine, Sekanjebin syrup is called temperament stabilizer, and in fact it is a medicinal syrup that can balance and regulate the four humors.

Useful for liver and kidney. Prevent clogged arteries.

Sekanjebin. Sekanjabin. Sekanjebin syrup. Sekanjebin recipe.
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