Solomon’s Seal Root


Scientific Names: Polygonatum Mill.
Synonym: Axillaria Raf.
English Name: Solomon’s Seal root
Other names in English:
Family: Asparagaceae

Persian Name: شقاقل- مهر سلیمان/ Shaghaghol- Mohre Soleiman
German Name: Weißwurz
French Name: 

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About Solomon’s Seal

Solomon’s Seal is an underground herbaceous and perennial plant whose height reaches fifty centimeters.

This plant usually has a bent and relatively thick stem and its cross section is polygonal and irregular.

The leaves of this plant are relatively large, slightly elongated, oval, almond-shaped, slightly wide and pointed, and grow alternately without petioles.

The flowers are small, greenish-white, slightly elongated, and cup-shaped, and grow at the junction of the leaf and the stem. These flowers often grow in pairs, with thin, relatively long, hanging stems. Each flower head usually has 5 or 6 pointed triangular edges.

The fruits of the Solomon’s Seal are spherical and relatively small. These fruits are green at first, but turn black when fully ripe.

The rhizome of Solomon’s Seal is often white, sometimes orange, elongated, relatively narrow and knotty, and grows horizontally. Its taste is slightly sweet.

Temperament: First degree of hot and second degree of moist

Chemical Constituents: Flavonoids, coumarin, steroid, terpene, glutinose, cunovalarine.

Health Benefits

Solomon’s Seal root or rhizome unclogs the obstruction of internal organs, is sperm generator, breast milk generator, phlegm remover, liver warmer, stomach and kidney warmer, heart tonic, humors thinner, erection enhancer, and semen thickener. Solomon’s Seal root jam made with honey is a tonic for the body’s powers, a sperm producer, a cure for gout, joint pain, and hemorrhoids.

Solomon’s Seal improves bleeding, abnormal uterine secretions, excess semen, urinary irritation, gonorrhea, and insect bites. Eating 2 grams of Solomon’s Seal root with rock candy daily is beneficial for body to produce more sperm.

Eating 6 grams of Solomon’s Seal root along with cow’s milk helps to treat gonorrhea. Uterine suppository made from it is diuretic, emmenagogue, and expels the fetus.

Dose: Up to 12 grams

Harms: It causes headache and loss of appetite

Modifiers: Honey

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