Althaea Officinalis


Scientific Name:
1- Althaea officinalis L.
2- Althaea rosea L.
Synonyms of Althaea Rosea:
1- Althaea villosa Blatt.
2- Althaea Sinensis Cav.
English Names:
Althaea Officinalis: Marshmallow
Althaea Rosea: Hollyhock
Other Names of English:
1- Common Marshmallow, White Mallow
2- Common Hollyhock, Garden Hollyhock, Rose Mallow
Family: Malvaceae



Persian Name: خطمی- ختمی/ Khatmi
German Name: Echter Eibisch, Garten-Pappelrose, Gewöhnliche Stockrose, Rosenpappel, Stockmalve
French Name: Guimauve officinale, Guimauve sauvage, Guimauve, Alcée rose, Passerose, Rose papale, Rose trémière


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About Althaea Officinalis and Althaea Rosea

Althaea officinalis stems have more fluff than the stems of the Mallow plant. The glaze of all parts of Marshmallow plant is also more than the glaze of the Mallow plant. The leaves of the Althaea officinalis plant are large, wide, and almost pentagonal, and more elongated than the leaves of the Mallow plant. Each leaf of  Marshmallow has two or four relatively small grooves, which create two or four large teeth on the sides of the leaves. The entire side of the leaves is serrated.

The flowers are large and each flower has five white petals, tender, relatively wide, heart-shaped, almost triangular, and completely separate from each other. The Althea officinalis plant has many species, and the flowers of some species are yellow, pink, or red. The flowers and seeds of Marshmallow are larger than those of Mallow (Malva sylvestris L.). The best type of Marshmallow has a white flower.

Althaea Officinalis and Althaea Rosea Chemical Constituents

All parts of the plant contain mucilage. The flower color is due to anthocyanins such as cyanidin glycosides or aromadendrin glucosides or flavonols such as herbacetin, kaempferol or quercetin glycosides. Seeds yield mucilage, fixed oil (9-18%), volatile oil (consisting of limonene, phellandrene and citral) and b-sitosterol. Alkaloids also were found in seed samples.

Marshmallow and Hollyhock Health Benefits

Drink 3 cups of its brew tea a day. It is cooling and diuretic and is beneficial for relieving rheumatism, it is useful for improving blood circulation and stop bleeding in menstrual irregularities, and it is effective for Malaria fever, eliminating blood in urine and relieving constipation.

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