Scientific Name:
1- Malva sylvestris L.
2- Malva pusilla Sm.
1- Malva equina Brunfels
2- Malva rosea Roxb., Malva rotundifolia L.
English Name:
1- Blue Mallow
2- Dwarf Mallow
Other Names in English:
1- Cheeses, Common Mallow, Garden Mallow, High Mallow, High Cheeseweed, Purple Mallow.
2- Low Mallow, Small Mallow, Running Cheeseweed.
Family: Malvaceae



Persian Name: پنیرک/ Panirak
German Name: Käsepappel, Wilde Malve
French Name: Grande mauve, Mauve des bois, Mauve sauvage


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About Malva Spp

It is a plant of the Malvaceae family, which has two types (large and small).

  1. Large type: It is a perennial or biennial herb with a straight stem and a cylinder that is 40 to 80 cm tall. The flowers are large, appearing reddish-purple in May to June. A variety of it grows in Iran.
  2. Small type: The leaves and flowers are smaller than the large type in all parts. Its height is about one span and reaches a maximum of half a meter. Its leaves are round and its flowers are white with red or burgundy streaks. This plant is also grown in most parts of Iran.

Malva Chemical Constituents

A pigment called Malvin, glaze (Mucilage) contains L-Arabinose, L-Rhamnose and D-galactronic acid.

Mallow Temperament

It is a little cold and moist and some consider it moderate.

Malva Health Benefits


  1. Brew 30 grams of it in a liter of boiling water and drink the strained water gradually. It is a moderator, laxative and emollient, antipyretic, dilutes concentrated humors and moderates very diluted humors, treats rough voice caused by hot and dryness, opens the obstruction of the liver ducts, increases the secretion of urine and milk, is useful for treating jaundice, gastric ulcer, diarrhea and burning of the urethra, is prescribed in cases of disorders of the mucous membranes of the lungs, bladder and urinary tract.
  2. This plant is used as a poultice in external use to eliminate skin inflammations.
  3. Brew 10 grams of it in a liter of boiling water, strain and drink a cup every morning, noon and night. It soothes the chest and relieves cough.
  4. Gargle its tea and rinse your mouth with it. It is very beneficial.


  1. Brewed its leaves tea is beneficial to soften anal swelling and firmness of uterine muscles.
  2. Poultice of its pulverized leaves is useful for fractures of limbs, dwindle of hot swellings and bee stings.
  3. If you smash and mix it with olive oil and poultice, it is beneficial for healing burns from fire, erysipelas and scorpion bites.

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