What Is Sanguine Temperament?

Sanguine Temperament. Hot and dry temperament.

Sanguine Temperament. Hot and dry temperament.

Persian Traditional Medicine considers people’s temperament to make any decision, whether it is related to their treatment or diet. In this article, we will get acquainted with the concept of temperament and Sanguine temperament, as well as their characteristics. After reading this article, you can almost guess whether your temperament is Sanguine or not? It is necessary to consult a Persian traditional medicine specialist to diagnose the temperament correctly.

What Is The Meaning Of Temperament?

Temperament literally means to blend. Each compound is composed of all four elements (fire, air, water, and earth), and the difference in the amount of these elements in the objects distinguishes them from each other and causes them to have different temperaments. The amount and ratio of each of these elements will determine the temperament of the compound. For example, in Sanguine people, the element of air prevails over other elements.

Types Of Temperaments

Human temperament is divided into two general categories:

  1. Inborn temperament (congenital): this is the temperament with which a person is born.
  2. Acquired (incidental) temperament: incidental temperament is created by a change in inborn temperament. These changes can be caused by factors such as season, age, gender, place of residence, mental and psychological states, and so on.

Important note: The criterion for identifying a person’s temperament is her or his inborn temperament, so the following information are related to this type of temperament.

What Are Humors

We have 4 kinds of fluids which are secreted inside the body.

Humors influence health, disease, temperament, and personality. For example, in Phlegmatic temperaments, phlegm humor is secreted more than someone with Choleric temperament. Or in Melancholic temperaments, black bile humor is secreted more than someone with Sanguine temperaments.

If the balance between the humors and their quantity or the quality of each is disturbed, it causes disease in the body, or in other words, it causes one humor to dominate the others in the body, which must be treated.

Sanguine Temperament (Hot and Moist)

This temperament, which originates from the predominance of blood humor on the body, causes the person to have more blood and have a hot and moist body, and this makes these people less tolerant in hot and humid weather.

People with Sanguine temperament often are large-boned and tall. These people have large hands and high physical strength.

Their body and head are full of hair, usually don’t have hair loss, just when get old they may experience hair loss, baldness, and hair whitening. They also have hairy legs.

They have high social relationships, are funny, humorist, good-tempered and body up easily with others.

What Are The Characteristics Of Sanguine People?

  1. Sanguine temperaments have a large and muscular body and are not thin.
  2. Have ruddy skin color.
  3. Sanguine temperament women have thick hair. Of course, this does not mean they have unwanted hair, but the hair of the head.
  4. They sleep well but also can tolerate staying up late.
  5. People with warm and moist temperament have warm, moist, and soft skin.
  6. They like both sweet and sour taste.
  7. People with hot and moist temperament are brave, courageous and have high self-confidence.
  8. They are usually the leader of a group.
  9. They have good manners, sincere, friendly, and calm.
  10. If they get angry, they show risky behaviors.
  11. Hot and moist people are extremely risk taker.
  12. Sanguine temperaments are not as organized and precise as Choleric temperaments and are often disordered.
  13. They have high intelligence and strong memory.
  14. Sanguine people are fast and energetic.
  15. Hot and moist temperaments increase the strength of their body movements.
  16. They have high sexual desire and power.
  17. These people are at risk for cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.
  18. The vessels on the hands are prominent.
  19. They have a full and strong pulse.
  20. A loud and firm voice is one of the signs of Sanguine temperament.
  21. They have good digestion and appetite and usually do not have constipation.
  22. They are usually carefree, cheery, and generous.

Sanguine Temperament. Hot and moist temperament.

What Are The Symptoms Of Blood Humor Domination?

  • Varicose veins (clogged arteries of the legs)
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Premature fatigue
  • Dark under eyes circle
  • Dark skin blemishes are spread all over their body
  • Black bile sediments in their lower limbs
  • Poor eyesight
  • Poor memory
  • Pessimism
  • Late decision making
  • Uncertainty and obsession
  • High triglycerides and cholesterol level
  • High blood pressure
  • Chronic of headache
  • Knees crepitus
  • Back and waist disc pain
  • Lack of emotion
  • Negative thoughts
  • Feeling heavy in the body, especially behind the eyes, head, and temples
  • Fatigue for no reason
  • Slow understanding
  • Pimples and rashes on the skin and inside of the mouth
  • Bleeding from the gums, nose, and anus
  • Unprecedented oral sweetness
  • Redness on the tongue
  • Seeing dreams related to red objects such as blood and dreams full of excitement
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