Who We Are

We Spread Health

We are ACPFOOD Company who sells products in bulk with country origins such as Iran, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq to the whole world in collaboration with Trovino GmbH. Our specialty is traditional medicine, herbs, minerals, healing stones and crystals used in traditional medicine, chakra therapy, and meditation. We are a group of specialists in traditional medicine, botany, mineralogy, fumigation and incense who have been working in this fields for many years.

Our Mission

Promoting traditional medicine and the use of medicinal plants and minerals in the world

Delivering these products to those who need them, as well as presenting this knowledge through websites and social media so that people around the world can use nature for healing.


 Resources Are Unlimited

We haven’t confined ourselves to one country because we believe we belong to the whole world. We’ve understood that in this unlimited universe, there need be no competition for resources, for the resources are unlimited. So we have decided to participate instead of compete. We love the whole being and we hope we can bring health and joy to human being and other creatures by our right business and always watch the pleasure of the world.

It’s important for us that our products consumers use the best quality and buy them with very appropriate price. We cooperate with farmers around the world who produce high quality products. We buy it with fair price and try to support them with our purchase. We also try to deliver our products to our buyers on time and have a long time relationship.

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