Echium Amoenum


Scientific Name: Echium amoenum Fisch. & C.A.Mey.
Synonyms: Echium orientale C.A.Mey.
English Name: Persian Borage
Other Names in English: Anchusa, Ox-tongue, Bugloss
Family: Boraginaceae



Persian Name: گل گاوزبان/ Gol Gavzaban


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About Echium Amoenum

Persian Borage is a biennial or multi-year plant whose height reaches eighty centimeters. The stems of this plant are relatively thick and their cross section is circular. The surface of the stems are covered with white hairs, long and rough, and dark spots. The leaves are elongated, almost drop-shaped and relatively thick, and grow alternately without petioles. Both sides of these leaves are covered with white, rough hairs and irregular white spots.

Persian Borage leaves are almost similar to cow’s tongue. Where the flowers grow, some leaves grow, which are much smaller than the lower leaves of the plant. These leaves are slightly elongated, relatively narrow and pointed. The best leaves of the fresh Persian Borage are thick, pale green and have a surface covered with white dots. Echium Amoenum flowers are red, elongated, trumpet-shaped, relatively large and integrated, and the ends of the stems grow in bunches and lines. These flowers turn purple after drying. Persian Borage seeds are small, slightly elongated, gray and slightly glazed.

Echium Amoenum Chemical Constituents

Saponin, Flavonoids, Esterol, Terpenoid

Persian Borage Temperament


Echium Amoenum Health Benefits

Persian Borage leaves

Boil 30 grams of leaves and stems in half a liter of water, then brew for 10 minutes and drink 4 cups a day every half hour and repeat this every day. Relieves joint pain and gout and treats diphtheria.

Persian Borage flower

  1. Drink its brewed tea. It strengthens the nerves, raises the body’s instinctive heat, increases the amount of metabolism in the body’s cells and produces more calories, suppresses diarrhea which is caused by moist, improves shortness of breath, increase blood supply to the brain, and is effective in treating delirium, melancholy, insanity and distractibility.
  2. Brew 10 grams of it in one liter of water every day, then strain and drink it gradually during the day. Treats colds, bronchitis, jaundice, urticaria, herpes and measles.
  3. Brew it with dried lime and drink it. Cures cold suffocation.
  4. For 40 days, brew 5 grams of it with 5 grams of Common Valerian and sweeten it with rock candy and drink it every day. It strengthens the heart and treats heart disease and heart failure.
  5. Boil 5 grams of it with 5 grams of Water Germander, strain and drink that amount 3 days in the morning before breakfast. Treats nephritis.
  6. Drink its extract every day. Gradually cures the obsession disorder.

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