Gum Tragacanth


Scientific Names of Plants that Produce Gum Tragacanth:
1- Astragalus gossypinus Fisch.
2- Astragalus gummifer Labill.
3- Astragalus echidna Bunge
4- Astragalus verus Olivier
5- Astragalus brachycalyx Fisch.
6- Astragalus creticus Lam.

1- Astragalus gossypinus var. filagineus (Boiss.) Boiss.
2-Astragalus gummifer var. villosus
3- Astragalus kuhistanus Bunge
4- Astracantha longiramosa (Boriss.) Czerep.
5- Tragacantha brachycalyx (Fisch.) Kuntze
6- Astracantha cretica (Lam.) Podlech

English Name: Gum Tragacanth
Other Names in English: Gum Tragacanth Milkvetch, Tragacanth Gum
Family: Fabaceae



Persian Name: کتیرا/ Katira
German Name: Gummi Traganth, Gummi Tragant
French Name: Gomme Adragante, Astragale à gomme


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About Tragacanth

The resin of some species of astragalus tree is known as Gum Tragacanth. To extract this gum, you must first remove some soil from the lower part of the plant trunk. Then, make some notches on the lower part of the trunk near the root. The resin which extracts from the plant, after a short time, dries and hardens in the presence of air.

There are two types of Gum Tragacanths: white and yellow. White one comes in relatively thin, elongated, twisted, white, translucent, and brittle bands. Yellow one is small, irregular, yellowish, sometimes brownish, sometimes reddish, translucent, and brittle patches. The best Gum Tragacanth should be white, smooth, relatively soft, thin, pure, odorless, and slightly sweet.

Tragacanth Gum Temperament

Moderate and moist

Tragacanth Gum Chemical Constituents

Tragacanthin, Bassurine, Uronic Acid, Arabinose, Galacturonic Acid, Galactose, Xylose

Tragacanth Gum Health Benefits

Blood thickeners and dilute substances. Soothes the severity of warm medicines that are taken and strengthens the stomach. That’s why in Persian traditional medicine, it is mentioned that very hot and intense medicines should be taken with Tragacanth.

It is a bit laxative. It is useful for eye ulcers, eye pains and conjunctivitis when it is mixed with suitable medicine. Consumption of its powder is also beneficial in these cases.

If this resin is eaten with fresh goat’s milk, it is beneficial to stop the bleeding from the throat and other internal organs, cough, chest and throat hoarseness, lung ulcers. If it is mixed with honey as a paste and keep it in the mouth it is useful for chest sicknesses.

If this gum is mixed with appropriate medicine, it is useful for strengthening the intestines, relieving kidney, bladder, and urinary tract pain, and if it is mixed with Sweet Almond kernels, starch, and sugar, it is very fattening and tonic. If the glaze of it is rubbed on the hair, hair leprosy will be prevented.

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