Tribulus Terrestris


Scientific Name: Tribulus terrestris L.
Synonyms: Tribulus micans Welw., Tribulus nogalensis Chiov.
English Name: Caltrops
Other Names in English: Land Caltrops, Mexican Sandbur, Puncture Vine.
Family: Zygophyllaceae



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About Tribulus terrestris

Tribulus plant is an herbaceous and annual plant that spreads on the ground as a low height bush. The stems of this plant are pink and relatively thick, and their cross section is circular. The young stems of this plant are green. There are many small thorns on the surface of the stems. The leaves grow in compound form and include small, oval, and slightly sticky leaflets that grow reciprocally without petioles. The taste of the leaves is sour and slightly astringent and they have an unpleasant aroma.

The flowers are yellow and small, and each has five drop-shaped petals, completely separate from each other. The fruits are somewhat small and green and consist of five smaller and almost triangular parts that grow in a star-shaped and concentric manner. Each part has two large and sharp tips and a number of small and sharp appendages.

Temperament: Partly warm and dry.

Health Benefits

Tribulus is diuretic, sexual power tonic, relieves gonorrhoea, bladder pain, produces semen, relieves kidney and bladder stones, and is a laxative.

Its seed is equal to its plant extract in all actions and properties. Its hydrosol is a strong diuretic.

It prevents the discharge of waste to the body organs and is useful for warm colic. Soaking chickpeas several times in Tribulus juice, dry them, again soak them, and eating it will greatly strengthen sexual power.

Keeping its extract with honey in the mouth helps to treat mouth infection, gum pain and pharyngitis. The poultice of the its decoction is useful for warm swellings.

Drinking the extract of its fresh leaves, and roots causes sperm production.

If you boil its seeds three times with fresh milk and dry it each time, eating it will greatly strengthen the sexual power.

Harms: Head

Dose: Its fruit and leaves up to 12g. Its seed up to 23g

Modifier: Almond and sesame oil for its fruit, root, and leaves. Honey for its seed.

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