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Scientific Name: Ziziphus jujuba Mill
Synonyms: Ziziphus vulgaris Lam., Rhamnus ziziphus L., Ziziphus sativa Gaertn
English Name: Jujube
Other Names in English: Chinese Date, Chinese jujube, Chinese-date, Common jujube, Jujube Red Date
Family: Rhamnaceae

Pharmaceutical, skin care, hair care, veterinary, shampoo, soap, cosmetics, beverages, alcoholic drink, oil, extract

Persian Name: Annab/ عَناب- عُنّاب
German Name: Brustbeerbaum- Jujube- Chinesische Dattel
French Name: Jujubier commun

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About Jujube

It is the fruit of a tree that reaches eight meters in height and has many varieties. Its tree has strong wood and its bark is red-brown and thick. Some species of the jujube tree have blades. The blades of this tree stems are very sharp, strong, elongated, slightly crescent-shaped and the same color as the stems. The leaves are slightly elongated, almond-shaped and slightly thick, and grow alternately with very short petioles. The side its leaves are jagged.

The flowers are very small and yellowish green and grow at the junction of the leaves and stems. Each flower has five triangular petals that are completely separate and grow in a regular pentagon. The fruit is small, fleshy, almost oval, egg-shaped. Jujube flesh and skin is green at first. But after it is fully ripe, its skin is deep red and its flesh is cream. Jujubes are wrinkled after drying. Its taste is sour at first. But after fully ripening, it becomes sweet and glazed.

It has a hard, small, elongated, brown core, which is pointed at both ends and attached to its flesh. The best jujubes are fully ripe, large, fleshy, sweet and red.

Chemical Constituents

Four sugars (glucose, fructose, sucrose and sorbitol) and four organic acids (citric, malic, ascorbic and succinic acids) were identified and quantified by high-performance liquid chromatography in jujube fruits.

Potassium, calcium and magnesium were the major mineral constituents in jujube fruits.

Fifteen volatiles compounds were found in the aroma profile of jujube fruits (nine were aldehydes, three terpenes, one ester, one ketone and one linear hydrocarbon).

Temperament: Its temperament is moderate and it tends to be moist, Ibn Sina considers it a little cold.

Health Benefits

  1. Boil 140 grams of dried Jujube after half-pounding, leave it overnight out of the room and pour it in a clean strainer or cloth in the morning and strain it with pressure and drink it in the morning before breakfast. It is laxative, helps digestion, is used as an antidote in the cases of poisoning caused by Aconite and Gentian (both plants are very poisonous), reduces the taste of stimulant medicines. Strengthens the stomach, It is sedative, it is diuretic and laxative, it is soporific, it stops night sweats, it is a general tonic and it is useful for relieving general weakness and feeling of tiredness and severe weakness in the form of Neurasthenia. It is modifier for concentrated humors and laxative for diluted humors, soften the chest and relieve the hot sore throat, relieve chest tightness and hoarseness, relieve shortness of breath and chest pain, purify the blood and produce pure blood. It relieves inflammation and thirst, relieves pain in the liver, kidneys and bladder, lowers blood pressure.
  2. Boil 50 grams of it in 3 liters of water to cook well, then mash them well and strain them in a clean cloth, then add 1.5 kg of sugar and boil again until it thickens and drink one tablespoon every hour. It relieves cough, helps to cure meningitis that is due to the predominance of blood.
  3. Half-pound 30 to 60 grams of this dried fruit and boil it in one liter of water for half an hour and drink its tea. Eliminates intestinal infections, treats bronchitis, relieves back pain, and treats inflammation of the gallbladder, liver, kidneys and bladder.
  4. Cut 250 grams of it with knife and boil it, then strain its water and drink and apply its pulps. Heals Erysipelas.
  5. Cut some of it by knife, soak it with “Plantago Ovata” and drink its water in the morning on an empty stomach, or wash the vagina with its water every day. Relieves vaginal itching.
  6. To relieve the baby nasal congestion, insert this dried fruit at the tip of a stick and burn it on the fire and hold it under baby’s nose to sniff it.
  7. Pound it with the seed and soak it well in hot water, then boil it until a small amount of water remains, then strain it in a clean cloth with pressure and drop it into your eyes every morning, noon and night with a dropper and continue for a while. Removes white spots on the eyes.
  8. Pound it and put it in the tooth hole. Relieve a toothache that is caused by heat. (For this usage, sub montane jujube must be used)
  9. Cut some of dried Jujube every night and soak it with equal amounts of barberry, and strain it with pressure in the morning and drink it before breakfast. It cures acne.
  10. Pound it softly with its pit and eat it. Cures diarrhea.
  11. Mix it’s soaked water and with chicory extract or Sekanjebin and drink it. Reduces the severity of yellow bile and blood.
  12. Mix it’s soaked water with chicory extract and drink. It is effective for treating typhoid.

Jujube tree leaves

  1. If you drink one cup of its brewed tea with sugar every day for 5 days, it is beneficial for body itching.
  2. If you chew it, after a few minutes it will cause numbness of taste and you will not feel the taste.
  3. Pulverize dried jujube and pour it on bad blisters of the mouth or other parts of the body, it is healing.
  4. Smash the fresh jujube and poultice it on the scorpion bite, it will be effective.

Harms: Reduces sperm secretion and reduces sexual power, causes bloating in cold stomachs.

Modifier: Sugar, raisins and honey.

Medical disclaimer

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