Trehala Manna


Scientific Name Of The Plant: Echinops pungens Trautv.
Synonyms: Echinops persicus Stev. & Fisch. ex Fisch.
Name: Trehala Manna
Other Names In English: Echinops, Globe Thistle Manna
Family: Asteraceae



Persian Name: شِکَر تیغال/ Shekartighal
German Name:
French Name: 


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About Echinops Pungens

Echinops is a thorny plant whose flowers are clustered in the form of a spherical ball at the end of the stem. Its leaves are long and have a deep cut, irregular, and jagged, which a thorn can be seen at the end of each seed, and the color of the leaf is light green.

About Trehala Manna

Larinus maculatus insect cocoon or gall is formed after the insect bites the plant. It is yellowish white and is from Craie flower species, and its shape is egg-shaped and its length is about 2 cm.

After the insect creates a cocoon, like a silkworm cocoon, it is trapped inside. In some cases, the life cycle of the worm is over and it turns into an insect, pierces the cocoon and exits. Therefore, most of these manna do not have insects inside them, but in some cases there are insects inside it. When this manna, which is the cocoon or pod of the insect, is fresh, it is a little sweet. But when it is old, its sweetness decreases a lot and it gets a starchy taste.

Echinops Manna Temperament

Moderate and moist

Trehala Manna Health Benefits

Echinops Manna was known since the time of Avicenna and has been prescribed as a very useful medicine for cough and respiratory system.

Globe Thistle Manna relieves chest pain and irritation of the esophagus and is useful for coughing and smoothing the voice and relieving dryness of the throat and stomach. It is a stomach tonic.

Trehala Manna Side Effects

Overeating it cause confusion.

Trehala Manna Dose

Up to 12 grams


Sugar and Manna of Hedysarum

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