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Scientific Name: Vitis vinifera L.
Synonyms: Vitis sylvestris Gmel.
English Name: Raisin
Other Names in English: Currant
Family: Vitaceae

Persian Name: Keshmesh- Maviz/ کِشمِش- مَویز
German Name: Rosine
French Name: Raisin

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Iranian Raisin and Currant For Sale

Raisins and Currants wholesaler, supplier and exporter.
ACPFOOD is where you can buy Currant. Since we purchase high quality products directly from farmers, we provide and sell bulk Raisins with the best quality to wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers and you can buy it from us with the best price.

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About Grape

Grape is the fruit of a tree whose stems wrap around nearby objects and climb up. The stems of the vine are ivy-like and the main trunk is not very thick. The grape leaf usually has three deep cuts and its edge is jagged, its overall shape is similar to a pentagon, and its taste is slightly sour and astringent.

The fruit of the vine grows in clusters and if it is not ripe, it is green, small, spherical, and very sour. There are many varieties of grapes with different taste, color, and size. Some are green, some are yellowish, some are black, some are purple and some are deep red.

Some grapes are spherical and some are oval. Some are sweet and some are sour. There are usually several small, elongated and almost cone-shaped seeds among the grape fruit. Unripe grapes have a very sour taste. The dried fruit of the vine is called a raisin, and its shape and color depend on the grape from which it is obtained. The best grapes should be yellowish green, ripe, sweet, juicy, large, thin-skinned, with little or no seeds. The best type of raisins is green.

Chemical Constituents

Phenolic acids, flavanols, catechins and anthocyanins.

Temperament: Hot and moist

Health Benefits

This dried fruit helps to treat chronic fever, blood sugar, blood pressure, blood fat, phlegm cough, stress, muscle cramps, heart and liver diseases, lung diseases, kidney and bladder diseases, intestinal ulcers, and constipation. It also expels bile. It eliminates anger, prevents osteoporosis, strengthens gums and teeth, remove bad breath and controls cancer.

Red raisins improve liver and spleen diseases. Eating it with Borage and Green Dates is good for suffocation.

Eating it with vinegar helps to treat jaundice. If you split a raisin and take out its seeds and replace it with a black pepper and eat it continuously, it will greatly improve kidney coldness, kidney, and bladder stones.

If you cook it completely with anise, strain it and eat it with sweet almond oil, it is effective for phlegm cough.

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91 / 100

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