Constipation in Traditional Iranian Medicine

Constipation in Traditional Iranian Medicine.

Constipation in Traditional Iranian Medicine.

Definition of Constipation

Slow passage of waste and residue of food (surplus of consumed food) in the colon is called constipation. In a normal state, 80% of the colon contents are food residues. If these residues remain for 24 to 36 hours due to loss of water, it leads to constipation.

Constipation is caused by various factors, such as drug addiction, mental disorders, mental anxieties, colon defects, etc. Constipation is the most common disease in the industrialized world. Almost 90% of the population in western countries suffer from it. Constipation is a complication that affects 1 out of 2 women and 1 out of 5 men.

Constipation is known as “mother of diseases” in traditional Iranian medicine (TIM), and many diseases are related to it and arise from it, so its treatment should be taken seriously.

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In other words, the activity of the intestines regularly and the regular elimination of food residue is a must. The human colon is not like a stainless-steel storage tank, but a living part of the body that constantly absorbs some fluids and strong chemicals from the stool.

The longer the stool stays in the rectum and stinks, the more likely it is to get fatal diseases, such as: cancer, increased blood cholesterol and…

The remaining and hardening of the digestive residue of the colon causes the dangerous chemicals of feces to be in close contact with the intestinal wall for a long time, which causes a variety of diseases, some of which are mentioned in the following.

Causes of Constipation

Constipation in Traditional Iranian Medicine.
  • Procrastination of defecation.
  • Taking medicines. Constipation can also be a side effect of some medications, including antidepressants, narcotics, pain relievers, codeine, and non-absorbable antacids that contain aluminum hydroxide or calcium carbonate, or many medications used to lower blood pressure.
  • Laxatives abuse. Indiscriminate use of laxatives also causes colon laziness and in this way the problem is aggravated.
  • Dehydration
  • Emotions
  • Lack of movement
  • Wrong diet
  • Changing exercise habits
  • One of the common causes of constipation is the lack of fiber in the diet. One of the main effects of dietary fiber is the absorption of water and its transfer to the colon, which softens and increases the volume of stool.
  • A diet containing refined grains, protein, fats, and processed foods will dry the stool and decrease its volume, and its excretion will be difficult.
  • Having irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or hypothyroidism
  • Sometimes due to heaviness of food and lack of secretion of the liver or weakness of the digestive system, acute or chronic constipation occurs. So, a person becomes lethargic, dull, yawn time to time, bad taste in the mouth, heaviness in the eyes, and lack of appetite.

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What Diseases Can Be Constipation Sign of?

  • Splenomegaly
  • Anal fissure and hemorrhoids
  • Intestinal colitis
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Stomach problems and sometimes colon cancer
  • Hot or dry liver
Constipation in Traditional Iranian Medicine.

Constipation Treatments

Constipation in Traditional Iranian Medicine. Here we suggest some useful herbs, vegetables, fruits and foods which you can get rid of constipation by using them.

Avoid stimulant laxatives such as the bark of some plants, bisacodyl and castor oil, etc., which cause intestinal irritation.

Use wheat bran, which is useful and very cheap. Exercise a lot, walk for at least half an hour a day. Don’t postpone going to the toilet, because the longer it stays in the intestine, the more water it loses and causes problems.

Use a lot of fibrous foods, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, potatoes, bran, grains, walnuts, and the like that contain nuts. Avoid consuming fat and unrefined foods. Drink plenty of fluids. Try to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.

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Plum is really useful, you can cure constipation by soak it in water and eat it in the morning before breakfast. Use more anti-constipation foods such as grapes, grapes with oranges, grapes with strawberries, grapes with cherries, dried figs, soaked figs, fig jam, fig compote, apples with peel, carrot juice on an empty stomach, Persian melon, soaked dried apricot, prunes, corn, pears, oranges with plums, oranges with apricots, oranges with melons, oranges with pears, lettuce, blackberries on an empty stomach, celery, cabbage, lunar cabbage, tomatoes, leeks, dill, Flixweed (Descurainia sophia) seeds with boiling water, spinach, tarragon, tamarind infusion, quince seed glaze, honey, olive oil.

Also, avoid foods that cause constipation, such as beans, rice, biscuits, mustard, white bread, alcohol, spices, fried potatoes, chips, pasta, pastries, chocolate, bananas, roasted chestnuts, dates, eggs, cream, leftover cheese, canned goods, all kinds of sandwiches and pizzas, boiled milk. Not chewing food properly also causes constipation.

Gentle massage of the abdomen with olive oil can help bowel movements. You can gently massage your stomach in circular motions.

First, it is better to try and find out whether the cause of the heaviness and constipation is due to moisture and coldness or to dryness and heat.

For this purpose, pay attention that after what foods you get constipated? After hot and dry foods such as thyme (which shows your constipation is caused by hot and dry mal-temperament) or after cold and moist foods such as cucumber (which shows it’s caused by cold and moist mal-temperament).

Traditional Iranian Medicine Prescriptions to Treat Constipation

  • Every morning and evening, brew 3 grams of Echium amoenum flower, sweeten it with honey and drink it.
  • Soak some 1 dessert spoon of Purgative manna and 1 dessert spoon of Manna of Hedysarum in a cup of boiling water, strain it and then mix it with 1 tsp. of sweet almond oil and drink it at night before go to bed.
  • Boil 20 grams of licorice extract powder (Glycyrrhiza Glabra L.), 15 grams of Sweet Violet (Viola odorata L.), 100 grams of currants, and 200 grams of dried figs in 3 cups of water for half an hour and drink a cup of its decoction every night before going to bed.
  • Boil one kilo of grated carrots in one liter of water for 30 minutes, filter and drink the water.
  • Eat plenty of grapes in the morning on an empty stomach.
Constipation in Traditional Iranian Medicine.
  • 10 grams of Damask Rose buds (Rosa Damascena Mill.), Persian Borage (Echium amoenum), Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis L.), Violet flowers each 20 grams, 100 grams of currants and tamarinds, 500 grams of dried figs, boil them all, then strain the water and add sugar and put it on fire again and let it get thick. Then add 50 grams of Goleghand and 50 grams of Manna of Hedysarum, and mix it with 30 grams of Purgative Manna. Take 3 table spoon of this daily.
  • Mix Licorice powder (Glycyrrhiza Glabra L.), Sweet Violet (Viola odorata L.), and fenugreek seed (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) 50 grams each, Mallow (Malva sylvestris L.) 30 grams, mix them together. Every night boil 1 table spoon of it in 1/5 cups of water for 30 minutes, then strain it and mix it with 1 tbs of honey and drink it.
  • Boil thirty grams of tarragon in one liter of water for 30 minute and drink it
  • Brew 10 grams of spinach seeds in a cup of water for 20 minutes and drink it.
  • Chop 50 grams of licorice root and boil it in a liter of water for 5 minutes, then infuse it for 12 minutes and drink one cup at night before going to bed and another one in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Boil 60 grams of lettuce in one liter of water for 20 minutes, then strain the water and drink it.
  • Infuse 20 grams of fresh Pot Marigold (Calendula officinalis L.) leaves or flower in a liter of water for 20 minutes, then strain the water and sweeten it with honey, drink a cup after every meal.
  • Boil the peel of one orange or bitter orange for 20 minutes and discard the boiled water. Then pour 20 grams of sugar and one liter of water in a container. Put the peels in it and after boiling for 20 minutes, let it cool down and drink its water before breakfast.
  • Cook 50 grams of beets in 1 liter of water and drink the water.
  • Boil 15 grams of fennel seeds in 1 liter of boiling water for 20 minutes and drink a cup of it with each meal.
  • Chop raw lettuce, celery, carrots, and cauliflower, then add raw tomato juice to it and eat with your meals.
  • Cut 3 dried figs into pieces and boil them with 12 raisins in a glass of milk and eat it in the morning.
  • Mix 1 glass of watermelon juice with 50 grams of Purgative manna and drink.
  • Cook a pottage with spinach, beet leaves, lentils, and rice, then add sour grape juice and eat it.
  • Boil 10 grams of corn tassel in water, then strain and sweeten the water with a teaspoon of honey and drink it.
  • Brew chicory leaves and roots in 1 glass of water and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach.

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Treatment of Chronic and Severe Constipation

Constipation in Traditional Iranian Medicine.

If you suffer from chronic and very severe constipation, you should avoid starchy foods, oils, spices, meat, carbonated and alcoholic beverages, pastries, and mustard, and use anti-constipation foods, such as corn or spinach. Eat dates every day. Eat soaked dried figs with its water every morning on an empty stomach. Take a tablespoon of olive oil before meals. Drink orange juice after your meals. Eat soaked dried plum in the morning on an empty stomach.

  • Infuse 10 grams of pounded Chinese Rhubarb (Rheum officinale) in one liter of water for 20 minutes and drink its filtered water one cup a day before meals.
  • Mix grated red apple with a spoonful of olive oil and eat it at night, or eat the grated apple and then mix a spoonful of olive oil with a little lemon juice and eat it.
  • If you do not have a stomach ulcer, eat a lot of radish leaves with all your meals.
  • Mix 3 grams of Turpeth root (Operculina turpethum), Waterlily seed (Nymphaea Alba L.), Commiphora mukul, Aloe resin (Aloe littoralis Baker), Yellow Myrobalan peel (Terminalia chebula Retz.), Chinese rhubarb (Rheum officinale), Senna (Senna alexandrina), Damask Rose buds (Rosa damascene), Gentiana, grind and make a very soft powder, then moisten it with a little water to form a stiff dough. Make several pea-sized tablets. After they get dried, take 2 each morning, noon and night.

Constipation Caused by Coldness or Moisture

If the constipation is due to coldness, you should first remove the cold mal-temperament and avoid eating rice, white bread, pastries, cucumber, watermelon, and alcohol drink. To treat this kind of constipation, you should eat 15 grams of Goleghand in the morning on an empty stomach.

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  • In the morning mix 20 grams of Senna (Senna alexandrina) powder and some rock candy in hot water and drink or eat yogurt mixed with some sugar.
  • Mix 300 grams of yogurt and 12 grams of Damask Rose buds powder (Rosa Damascena) and eat it.
  • 10 grams of fennel seed (Foeniculum Vulgare Mill.), Ajwain seed (Trachyspermum Ammi), and Damask Rose buds each, and 1 gram of black pepper, after grinding, mix them all with 60 grams of raisins and 300 grams of yogurt and consume it for lunch.
  • Brew 20 grams of Senna (Senna alexandrina). After the decoction cools down, strain it and mix it with some plum juice and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Senna (Senna alexandrina) 20 grams, dried lime 30 grams. Separate the lime seeds and boil them together, then drink the decoction in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Eat 10 grams of Black Myrobalan (Terminalia chebula Retz.) every night for 40 nights or grind and mix it with yogurt and eat it.
  • Fill empty capsule with Aloe resin powder. Take one capsule at bedtime.

Constipation Caused By Heat and Dryness

If the constipation is acute and yellow bile has prevailed on patients’ body and the stomach and intestines feel heavy, follow the remedies for yellow bile mal-temperament. Mix 2 tablespoons of washed Flixweed seed (Descurainia sophia) with 2 tablespoons of Sekanjebin and a glass of cool water and drink twice a day, half an hour before meals.

  • Mix 50 grams of Purgative Manna in 1 liter of watermelon juice and drink it.
  • Boil 20 grams of pounded licorice root, 20 grams of Oak Manna and 20 grams of brown sugar each and drink the strained decoction in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Pound 30 grams Canafistula (Cassia fistula L.) flakes and mix with 30 half-pounded jujubes and 10 grams of Sweet Violet flower, Marshmallow flower, and Blue Mallow flower (Malva sylvestris L.) and brew them for 20 minutes, then add 1 tea spoon of honey and drink it.
Constipation in Traditional Iranian Medicine.


Daeratol Maarif Giah Darmanie Iran (Noskhehaye Shafabakhsh), by Haji Sharifi, Ahmad (Attare Esfahani)

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