Purgative Manna

Scientific Names: Atraphaxis Angustifolia Jaub & Spach, Atraphaxis Aucheri Jaub & Spach, Atraphaxis Billardieri Jaub & Spach Var. Billardieri Cullen, Atraphaxis Spinosa L.
English Name: Purgative Manna
Other Names in English:
Family: Polygonaceae

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Health Benefits

Temperament: It is slightly hot and mild in terms of moist and dryness, and some consider it generally mild.
1- Eat it. It is a laxative, strengthens the liver, intestines and viscera, relieves stomach, liver and heart heat, and is a good medicine for chest and throat harshness.
2- Dissolve it in lukewarm water, then give the strained water to children and the elderly. It is a laxative, treats pediatric indigestion.
3- Mix 92 grams of it with two liters of watermelon juice every day and drink it before breakfast. Treats diabetes.
4- Dissolve ten to one hundred grams of it in water or milk according to age and drink it. Stops suspected infectious fevers, treats chronic bronchitis.
5- Knead it in a little breast milk of a mother who has a baby girl and rub it inside the ear. Relieves ear pain which its cause is unknown.
6- Dissolve 46 grams of it in four glasses of watermelon juice and drink that amount in four parts during the day. It eliminates fever which cause by heat, relieves constipation which cause by heat and yellow bile, relieve inside of the nose abscess, if it is drunk all in once, it eliminates bladder stones.
Note: It causes bloating and noise in the abdomen and stomach, dilutes sperm and speeds up ejaculation. In this case, men who have premature ejaculation should avoid using it.


It is a plant of the Polygonaceae family and the genus Atraphaxis. Purgative manna is a slightly yellowish white, sweet substance with different types that are more or less similar in terms of properties. This substance is secreted from the plant by an insect bite called Cicata Orni, or in the hot summer months (July and August), they create a transverse crack to the depth of the wood on the bark of the lower part of the tree, and every day another crack with a distance they make a few inches above the first slit and collect the manna that comes out of it. The best type of purgative manna is the one which is large, white, sweet and pure, and when it is put in the mouth, it dissolves quickly and sweetens and cools the area around the mouth and tongue.

Chemical Constituents

A fatty substance, Hexitol, Glucose, Dextrose, Sucrose.

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