Oak Manna


Scientific Name of the trees:
1- Quercus mannifera Lindl.
2- Quercus ithaburensis subsp. macrolepis (Kotschy) Hedge & Yalt.
English Name: Oak Manna
Family of the tree: Fagaceae




Persian Name: گز علفی/ Gaz Alafi
German Name:
French Name:


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About Oak Manna

Oak Manna is a type of manna that is produced by the activity of insects called Cyamophila Astragalicola and Cyamophila Dicora on the leaves and young branches of some oak species such as Quercus Vallonea and Quercus Mannifera.

The psyllid sucks the sap of the branches and young leaves of the target trees and a series of chemical reactions are carried out in its body on this sap. Then through biting the leaves and young stems of the tree by the insects, the sap comes out of the leaf or stem in liquid form and hardens in the vicinity of the air.

This usually happens in the hot months of the summer. At dawns, villagers shake the branches of the tree and pick the leaves to separate the manna from them. That’s why, this manna is often mixed with chopped leaves and twigs and is sold in the market in a grassy green color. The less mixed with leaves and stems

The best Oak Manna’s color is white, smooth, bright, and has a sweet taste.

Manna Oak Temperament

First degree of hot. Not dry, not moist. Something between them.

Manna Oak Health Benefits

Oak Manna expels sticky moisture from the body, is a weak laxative, brain cleanser, tonic for the respiratory organs, tonic for the digestive organs, and cleans the chest.

It is useful for people with moist temperament and improves cold, chest and voice harshness, shortness of breath, hot cough, and phlegm cough.

Manna Oak Dose

17 to 48 grams.

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