Scientific Name: Terminalia chebula Retz.
Synonym: Terminalia gangetica Roxb., Myrobalanus chebula (Retz.) Gaertn
English Names: Black Myrobalan, Chebulic Myrobalan, Yellow Myrobalan, Myrobalan
Family: Combretaceae


Plant Parts: Fruit
Cultivation mode: Wild collection/Cultivated


Persian Name: هَلیله/ Halileh
German Name: Myrobolanenbaum
French Name: Chébule, Myrobolanier


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About Terminalia Chebula

It is an evergreen tree whose height reaches 25 meters. The leaves of this large tree are relatively thick, slightly elongated, pointed, sometimes almond-shaped and sometimes heart-shaped. The flowers are very small and yellowish-white and grow in spikes. These flowers have an unpleasant aroma. The fruits are relatively large, almost oval, slightly pear-shaped, fleshy, and hard.

These fruits are green at first, but after fully ripening, they turn yellow-red and sometimes brown. On the surface of the fruits, there are some longitudinal and very shallow grooves, and after they dry, the depth of these grooves increases. In the middle of each fruit, there is a relatively large, slightly elongated, pointed and oval core. The unripe and dried fruit, whose core has not yet formed, is called Black Myrobalan. It is often black, small, narrow, elongated, and very wrinkled.

The half-ripe and dried fruit, whose core is formed, is known as the Yellow Myrobalan. It is bright yellow, rather big, elongated and bigger than black one. The fully ripe and dried fruit is called Chebulic Myrobalan. It is often reddish yellow, sometimes brownish, coarse, and bigger than other ones. The best Black one is, fresh, black, hard, heavy and seedless. The best Yellow one is, fresh, yellowish, with few roots and a small kernel. The best Chebulic one is fully ripe, fresh, reddish yellow, coarse and shallow-rooted, and has a small kernel. The best Myrobalan is Chebulic.

Myrobalan Temperament

Cold and dry

Myrobalan Chemical Constituent

Tannin, chebulinic acid, tannic acid, gallic acid, fat, chebulic acid, ellagic acid

Myrobalan Health Benefits

Chebulic strengthens the brain and memory and expels phlegm, black bile and yellow bile from the body. Yellow one strengthens the brain, eyes and relieves diarrhea. Black one strengthens the brain, purifies the blood and relieves parkinson’s.

Terminalia chebula is a tonic for the stomach, brain, memory, five senses, opener of blockages, and an antidote to poisons.

Its soaked water has a stronger laxative effect than its brewed tea or decoction. Chebulic and its core is diuretic. The properties of yellow one is similar to Chebulic, but weaker. Black one cleans the blood from black bile.

Terminalia chebula prevents the ascent of stomach vapors to the brain, beautifies the complexion, prevents the growth of sarcoma, and is used in the treatment of blindness. It also improves headache, forgetfulness, melancholy, obsession caused by black bile, suffocation, nausea, ascites, bloody hemorrhoids, and hot flashes caused by black bile.

Rubbing the powder of Myrobalan kernel on the gums is a tonic for the gums and makes its tissue grow again and stops its bleeding.

Eating Chebulic with sugar is useful for eliminating dizziness caused by yellow bile.

Keeping Chebulic in the mouth and chewing and sucking its juice until it is all finished helps a lot in the treatment of parkinson’s. Eating fresh Chebulic myrobalan jam is stomach, five senses, brain and liver tonic.

The powder of the burnt kernel of Chebulic strengthens the teeth and gums, stops hemorrhoids bleeding.

Yellow one relieves dizziness. Eating Yellow one soaked in water and the white spongy mesocarp inside the sour-sweet pomegranate helps to treat yellow bile epilepsy.

The drops prepared from the soaked water of the yellow one or its powder dry the excess moisture, strengthen the eye sight and remove epiphora.

Eating grilled Black one helps to cure diarrhea. Chewing it and swallowing its juice is a tonic for the intestines and dries stomach moisture, and improves, spleen pain, hemorrhoids, and leprosy. It also strengthens the hair and gum and causes white hair to turn back black.

Myrobalan Dose

10.2 grams of Chebulic Myrobalan flesh. But for use in decoction or soaked up to 27 grams.
12 grams of Yellow Myrobalan flesh. Decoction or soaked from 16 to 24 grams. Black Myrobalan flesh up to 6.8 grams. For use in decoction or soaked up to 24 grams.

Myrobalan Side Effects

Lower parts of the body.
Eating these dried fruits cause colic.
The core of Chebulic one is harmful for the brain.
Black one is harmful for the liver.

Myrobalan Modifiers

Ziziphus jujuba, Cordia myxa, honey, sweet almond oil, fresh tallow, sugar, and Manna of Hedysarum.
This fruit should not be taken at the beginning of fever.
It should not be taken in powder form as an oral medicine but should be used in half-pounded form.
It is better not to use it in enema.

Medical disclaimer


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