Scientific Name: Artemisia dracunculus L.
Synonym: Artemisia dracunculus pursh.
English Name: Tarragon
Other Names in English: French Tarragon, Russian Tarragon
Family: Asteraceae


Plant Parts: Leaves, Seeds, Flowers, Essential oil, Hydrosol
Cultivation mode: Wild collection/Cultivated


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About Tarragon

It is an herbaceous plant whose height reaches fifty centimeters. There are two types of it: garden tarragon and plain tarragon. Its stems are firm, straight, reddish green, and their cross section is square. Its leaves are elongated, relatively narrow and pointed, and without petioles, they grow alternately on the stems. The taste of the leaves is spicy, astringent, and slightly sweet. They have a strong and pleasant aroma. The best one is fresh garden tarragon. The flower of this plant is yellow, small, and looks like a hemisphere and grows almost densely along the stems.

Temperament: Third degree of hot and third degree of dry

Chemical Constituent: Methyl chavicol, p- methoxycinnamic aldehyde.

Health Benefits

It strengthens digestive power and eliminating anorexia.

It is a stomach tonic and moisture absorbent. It helps to ward off the harm of plague and cholera bacteria which exists on the weather.

Chewing it relieves toothache and freshens the mouth. Also, chewing and keeping it in the mouth cures aphthous ulcer. Chewing its leaves on an empty stomach numbs the mouth and tongue and can be used before taking bitter medicines.

Harms: Hot temperament.
It causes throat harshness of gruffness and is indigestion.
Eating too much of it causes burning of the blood and decreases sexual desire.

Modifiers: Cold temperament herbs for hot temperament people.
Honey for throat harshness.
Eating celery with it helps to digest it faster.
Eating fennel along with it makes its properties stronger.

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