Aloe Resin


Scientific Name:
1- Aloe succotrina Lam.
2- Aloe vera (L.) Burm.f.
3- Aloe littoralis Baker
1- N/A
2- Aloe perfoliata var. vera L.
3- Aloe rubrolutea Schinz
English Name:
1- Aloe bitter
2- Barbados Aloe
3- Luanda tree Aloe
Other Names In English:
1- Aloe resin
2- Windhoek Aloe, Aloe of the Shore, Mopane Aloe, Sea-side Aloe.
Family: Asphodelaceae


ood, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, and Beverages.


Persian Name: صبر زرد/ Sabr-e-Zard
German Name: Aloe harz
French Name: Résine d’aloes


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About Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is the leaves of a bush whose height reaches sixty centimeters. Aloe vera plant does not have a trunk and its leaves grow directly from the root. These leaves are thick and their cross-section is crescent-shaped, and there are small saw blades on their side. The lower parts of the leaves are wider than the upper parts and the tips of the leaves become sharp. There is a sticky, transparent and bitter jelly inside the leaves of the Aloe Vera plant. The dried jelly of the leaves of this plant is usually prepared in the form of red, shiny and sticky pieces that break easily. Its powder is yellow and very bitter.

The best Aloe resin is smooth, pure, fragrant, and its color is same as brewed saffron.

From the middle of the Aloe plant, a relatively long and smooth stem grows, whose cross-section is circular. At the end of this stem, small, yellow or orange, almost cylindrical and cone-shaped flowers grow in spikes.

Aloe Resin Temperament

Hot and dry

Aloe Resin Health Benefits

Aloe resin is useful for brain and stomach diseases.

Aloe resin opens the blockage, especially the liver blockage, stomach cleanser, stomach tonic, laxative, eye tonic, tonic to the five senses, narcotic and moisture remover.

If you sprinkle some turmeric powder on a cut Aloe leaf and applying it on the soles of your feet will cure eye pain.

If you sprinkle some turmeric powder on a cut Aloe leaf and apply a little opium on it, and tie it on the groin will reduce the swelling.

If you pour some Aloe gel in a clay container and pour 25 grams of Ajwain (Trachyspermum ammi) seeds on it, pour Aloe gel on it again, then put the container on the fire for 8 hours and after the container and the contents inside cool down, take out the Ajwain seeds and clean and dry it.

Eating 1.15 gram of these Ajwain seeds is a laxative for thick and rotten humors and cures shortness of breath.

Aloe gel and White Alum poultice is useful for healing eye injury and redness.

Aloe resin heals stomachache, splenitis, most phlegmatic diseases, jaundice, melancholia, hemorrhoids, chronic wounds, especially anal and male genital wounds, and most brain diseases caused by corrupted humors in the stomach.

Aloe resin is a laxative for black bile, thick or watery phlegm, and yellow bile. But before that rotten humors should be ready to expel through appropriate medicine.

Eating 2.4 grams of Aloe resin with cold water helps to treat bloody phlegm and jaundice.

Eating Aloe resin with water and honey is a laxative for phlegm and yellow bile. Eating Aloe resin with Mastic removes waste materials from the brain.

Eating Aloe resin with Damask Rose and Mastic is useful for stomach ailments. Eating Aloe resin with Agarikon expels the chest waste materials and improves joint pain

Aloe drops with Plantain seed glaze or Pumpkin oil heals nose and ear wounds.

Aloe Resin Side Effects

This is harmful to intestines, stomach, weak liver, and anus. It causes diarrhea and intestinal ulceration.

Aloe Dose

Aloe gel up to 4 gram and Aloe resin up to 1 gram

Aloe Modifiers

Gum Tragacanth for intestinal weakness.

Damask Rose leaves and Mastic for stomach and liver weakness.

To ward off the harm of Aloe resin for the anus, Commiphora mukul should be used.

It is better that young people, choleric temperaments, hot temperaments, those who suffer from visceral weakness, especially intestinal weakness, and liver weakness, those who suffer from anal diseases, hemorrhoids, blood predominance, and narrowing of arteries, should not consume Aloe resin.

This resin should not be consumed when food is in the stomach and also inn very hot or very cold climates.

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