Scientific Name: Descurainia sophia (L.) Webb ex Prantl
Synonyms: Sisymbrium sophia L.
English Name: Flixweed seed
Other Names in English: Herb Sophia
Family: Brassicaceae



Persian Name: خاکشیر/ Khakeshir
German Name: Besenrauke samen, Gewöhnliche Besenrauke samen, Sophienkraut, Sophienrauke samen
French Name: Sisymbre Sagesse


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About Descurainia Sophia

Descurainia sophia is an herbaceous and annual plant that reaches one meter in height. Flixweed has many species. The stems of the Flixweed plant are straight and relatively thin, and their cross section is circular. The lower part of these stems is hairy, but the upper stems are hairless. The color of older stems is brownish. The leaves of this plant have several leaflets, each of which is divided into smaller, oval, and slightly elongated parts. Flixweed leaves grow without petioles.

The flowers are yellow, very small and usually have five elongated petals and grow at the end of the stems. The fruits are small, thin, elongated and slightly curved pods that are green at first. But after fully ripening, they turn red-brown. These pods often grow in the highest part of the stems and inside there are seeds. These seeds are very small, oval, and orange-brown in color.

The taste of some types of Flixweed is bitter.

Descurainia Sophia Chemical Constituents

Fatty acid, Oleic acid, linolenic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, Monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes, cis-β-ocimene, longicyclene, menthol, neoisomenthyl acetate, alloaromadendrene, Volatile oils, Benzyl, allyl, propenyl-isothiocyanate and allyl disulfide constituents, Cardiac glycoside, Flavonoids, Quercetine, kaempferol, isorhamnetine, Coumarins, Scopoletine, Scopoline, Xanthtoxol, isoscopoline, psoralene, xanthtoxin, bergaptane.

Flixweed Seed Temperament

Hot and moist.

Flixweed Seed Health Benefits

  1. Herb Sophia seed is febrifuge, it is effective for relieving skin inflammation such as hives, it is useful for relieving stomach worms and kidney stones, it is appetizing, it relieves hoarseness, it eliminates waste substances around the spinal cord, it reduces the coldness of viscera and it eliminates lungs humors, stimulates peristalsis, heal injuries and is the blood purifier.
  2. Mix it with milk and sweeten it with honey and drink it. It is beneficial for lightening the complexion and increasing sexual power. If Flixweed is eaten with milk every day for ten days, it will cause gaining weight and eliminate phlegm disorders.
  3. Rinse it with water and boil it with Rose water or pure water until it blooms and eat it. It makes you vomit and is used in cases of poisoning that need to be vomited.
  4. Pour 20 grams of it dry in the mouth and without water, wet them little by little with saliva and swallow. It cures diarrhea and gripes.
  5. Mix it with cold water and a little sugar and drink it. Relieves stomach pain and dizziness.
  6. Clean it, pour it in a container and rub ice on it until its color becomes light and very cool, then mix it with Sekanjebin and drink it. Treats yellow bile ebullition, dry mouth and thirst which is caused by heat, headache and hives.
  7. Boil it and drink the water and seeds together. To reduce the severity of rubella and measles, smallpox and scarlet fever is useful, give its decoction with rock candy to children when they get cold and constipation, it is very useful.
  8. Make a suppository from it and put it in the vagina at night. It is useful for healing uterine ulcer and helping childbirth.
  9. Boil its leaves. It is astringent, it is useful for vitamin C deficiency.

Flixweed Seed Side Effects

It causes headaches in some temperaments, its modifier is Gum Tragacanth.

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