Dried Quince


Scientific Names: Cydonia oblonga Mill.
Synonyms: Pyrus cydonia L., Bollwilleria malifolia Zabel
English Name: Quince
Other Names in English: Dried Quince, Quince Tea
Family: Rosaceae



Persian Name: به، چای به/ Beh, Chai Beh
German Name: Quitte, Quitte getrocknet
French Name: Cognassier, coignier


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About Cydonia Oblonga

Quince is the fruit of a tree whose height reaches five meters. There are three types of quinces. Sour, sweet and sour-sweet. The leaves of the tree are oval, sometimes pointed and relatively small. The flowers of the tree are composed of five white petals with pink veins, oval and completely separate, and they resemble the flowers of an apple tree.

Quince fruit  is almost spherical, fluffy, hard, yellow, and its external surface is slightly rough. The flesh of the fruit is hard and creamy yellow. The central part has five holes where the seeds are placed. The seeds of this fruit are drop-shaped, red-brown and glazed.

The best type of Quince is large, ripe, and thin-skinned.

Quince Fruit Temperament

Sour quince is the first degree of cold and second degree of dry. Sweet quince is the first degree of warm and moist. Sour-sweet quince is the first degree of warm and second degree of dry.

Cydonia Oblonga Health Benefits

Dried Quince fruit is tonic for the main organs, stomach, and sexual power.

Sour Quince fruit strengthens the warm stomach and is more effective than sweet Quince in this feature.

Sweet Quince fruit is felicific for the heart and diuretic.

Sour-sweet Quince has properties similar to sweet and sour Quince. But it is heavier than both.

Eating dried sweet Quince protects the fetus and prevents the stomach vapor from rising to the heart and brain. It also prevents excrement from spilling into the stomach and is useful for obsessions, headaches, boredom, catarrh, drunkenness, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, suffocation, jaundice, bad breath, inflammation and pain in the stomach.

Smelling the Quince makes the heart fresh, and improves nausea and internal bleeding.

Cydonia Oblonga Chemical Constituents

Water, sugar, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, ash, iron, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, sodium

Cydonia Oblonga Dose

Quince juice for medicinal uses up to 53 grams

Quince Side Effects

Dried Quince is harmful for weak intestines. Overeating Quince can cause hiccups. Sweet Quince juice is harmful for cold-temperament people. Eating sour Quince on an empty stomach can cause appetite loss in hot temperaments. The fuzz on the fruit is harmful to the throat and voice.

Quince Modifiers

Honey and Anise for hiccups caused by eating Quince.
Eating jam made from Quince and honey to get rid of the rest of harms.

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