Mountain Almond


Scientific Name: Prunus lycioides (Spach) C.K.Schneid.
Synonyms: Amygdalus lycioides Spach.
English Name: Mountain Almond
Other Names In English: Wild Almond
Family: Rosaceae


harmaceutical and Cosmetics


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About Mountain Almond

This is the fruit of a small, full-stemmed shrub that reaches one and a half meters in height.

The stems of Prunus Lycioides tree are smooth, green, hairless and their cross section is circular.

The leaves of this shrub are narrow, small, and pointed, they have an almost saw-shaped edge, and they grow in clusters and without petioles at certain intervals on the stems.

Each flower of this shrub has five white, large, almost circular petals, and they are completely separate from each other. They are very similar to the flowers of the sweet almond tree. When its growth is complete, its pods become dry and black.

The shell of Mountain Almond kernel is hard and woody and is similar to common Almond kernel. But Mountain almond is smaller and its shell is smooth and without holes.

This kernel is drop-shaped, pointed, has a thin, brown skin and is smaller than the kernel of common Almond.

Temperament: Hot and moist

Health Benefits

Its poultice is useful for old wounds and purulent pimples.

Poultice of its flowers improves eye and skin diseases.

Its oil helps to treat gout, sprained joints, chronic joint pains, and chest diseases. Anointing a solution of Mountain Almond oil, castor oil, sulfur, camphor, and lime juice is useful for pimples and itching. Applying a solution of Mountain Almond oil and lime water (Ca(OH)₂) heals the burns.

Harms: Excessive use of these kernels cause vomiting, diarrhea and stomach irritation.

Dose: Up to 20 grams

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