Quince Seed


Scientific Names: Cydonia oblonga Mill.
Synonyms: Cydonia communis Loisel., Cydonia oblonga f. marmorata (Späth) Hegi
English Name: Quince seeds
Other Names in English:
Family: Rosaceae



Persian Name: به دانه/ Beh Daneh
German Name: Quitte Samen
French Name: Graine de Cognassier


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About Cydonia Oblonga

Quince is the fruit of a tree whose height reaches five meters. There are three types of quinces. Sour, sweet and sour-sweet. The leaves of the tree are oval, sometimes pointed and relatively small. The flowers are composed of five white petals with pink veins, oval and completely separate, and they resemble the flowers of an apple tree.

The fruit of the tree is almost spherical, fluffy, hard, yellow, and its external surface is slightly rough. The flesh of the fruit is hard and creamy yellow. The central part has five holes where the seeds are placed. The seeds of this fruit are drop-shaped, red-brown and glazed.

The best type of quince is large, ripe, and thin-skinned.

Quince Seed Temperament

Second degree of cold and moist.

Cydonia Oblonga Seed Chemical Constituents

Acids such as citric, ascorbic, malic, quinic, shikimic, oxalic, and fumaric acids

Quince Seed Health Benefits

It is a strong laxative and a weak astringent, and the kernel is aphrodisiac for hot temperaments.

Its mucilage is useful for sore throat, hot and dry cough, burning and dry tongue and mouth, stomach heat and fever.

The kernel of the seed strengthens the respiratory organs and improves cough, hoarseness, tuberculosis and intestinal ulcer.

Cydonia Oblonga Seed Dose

Quince seed 9.2 grams. Quince seed mucilage up to 46 grams.

Cydonia Oblonga Seed Side Effects

Excess consumption of seeds causes the stomach loosening and weakness.

Quince Seed Modifiers

Modifier for seed, for hot temperaments is sugar. For cold temperaments Fennel seeds.

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