Scientific Name: Punica granatum L.
Synonyms: Granatum puniceum, Punica grandiflora hort., Punica nana L.
English Name: Pomegranate
Other Names in English: Carthaginian Apple
Family: Lythraceae



Persian Name: گل انار، گلنار/ Gole Anar, Golnar
German Name: Granatapfel blume, Granatapfelbaum , Granatapfelstrauch blume, Granatapfel, Granatbaum
French Name: Grenadier fleur, Grenadier commun fleur, Balaustier


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About Punica Granatum

It is the fruit of a tree that reaches four meters in height and has many varieties. The trunk of this tree branches from near the ground and its branches are slightly prickly. Its leaves are oval, small, elongated and almost shiny. Punica Granatum flowers are relatively large, orange and reddish, and each flower usually has five or six delicate, wrinkled, almost heart-shaped petals, and are completely separated from each other.

Its fruit is large, relatively spherical and grows from the end of the flowers. Each fruit has a crown with several triangular and pointed edges, between these crowns, there are tiny threads. The skin of this fruit is relatively thick and red, pink, yellow and black.

Inside each fruit, there are many small seeds, each of which consists of two parts:

  1. The fleshy part, relatively transparent and very juicy.
  2. The white, almost conical and pyramidal core located in the middle of the seed.

The color of the fleshy part of its fruit is also varied and can be dark crimson, red, pink or white. Inside the Punica Granatum fruit, there are thin, creamy skins that separate the accumulation of pomegranate seeds. The taste of its fruit can be sweet, sour or sour-sweet. The best pomegranate is big, juicy and sweet.

Punica Granatum Chemical Constituents

Tannin, Organic acids. The chemical composition, antioxidant (DPPH and ABTS assays), anti-inflammatory (5-LOX), and cytotoxic (MCF-7) activities from flowers of seven pomegranate varieties (Punica granatum) were investigated. The highest phenolics (330.9±11.3 mg gallic acid equivalent/g dry weight (dw)), flavonoids (29.5±0.8 mg quercetin equivalent/g dw), tannins (30.6±0.6 mg catechin equivalent/g dw), and anthocyanins (0.70±0.03 mg cyanidin-3-glucoside equivalent/g dw) content were determined in the Chetoui (CH) variety. It was found that Garsi (GR) (IC₅₀=4.9±0.2 mg/L by ABTS assay) and Zaghwani (ZG) (IC₅₀=3.9±0.2 mg/L by ABTS assay) varieties exhibited the highest antioxidant activity. For the anti-inflammatory activity, all varieties were active; the ZH variety was the strongest (2.5±0.1 mg/L).

Punica Granatum Temperament

Cold and dry

Punica Granatum Health Benefits

  1. In the morning before eating breakfast, chew and eat 7 unopened flowers. It is astringent, but it heals the abscess.
  2. Boil Punica granatum flower and gargle its water in your mouth every day. It cures pyorrhea, heals mouth ulcers and prevents bleeding gums, and if you chew pomegranate flowers in your mouth, it will stop bleeding gums.
  3. Mix Punica granatum flower with vine leaves and cook and poultice on the abdomen. Prevents vomiting.
  4. Cook it, knead it, poultice it and rest. Do this every night, it will heal the shoe pinching and cracks in the heel.
  5. Punica granatum flower’s boiled water is used as a wash to cure Hemorrhoids and white vaginal secretions or Leukorrhea.
  6. In external use, its extract with Rose Water is very useful for removing eye swelling, with Broadleaf Plantain (Plantago major L.) extract for penis wounds and with vinegar for Erysipelas.

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