Milk Thistle


Scientific Name: Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertn
Synonyms: Carduus marianus L.
English Name: Milk Thistle
Other Names in English: Blessed Milk Thistle, Bull Thistle, Gundagai Thistle, Holy Thistle, Lady’s Thistle.
Family: Asteraceae



Persian Name: خارمریم/ Khar-Maryam
German Name: Mariendistelsamen, Frauendistel, Mariendistel
French Name: Chardon-Marie


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About Silybum Marianum

Milk Thistle is a dicotyledonous plant in the genus Daisy and the genus Asteraceae. It grows every year or every two years in some breeds and grows wild. The usual appearance of this plant is a flower with red to purple colors and leaves that are yellowish green with white veins. This plant gets 30-200 centimeters tall during its growth period and has an almost conical shape.

Silybum marianum has grown to an average 160 centimeters in diameter. The stem of this plant usually has a cotton shape around it and most of the space of this stem is hollow. The leaves of this plant are usually rectangular or spear-shaped around them and their dispersion is usually multi-leafed or double-leafed.

Milk Thistle Temperament


Silybum Marianum Chemical Constituents

Silychristine, silydianin and silybin.

Milk Thistle Health Benefits

Lady’s Thistle is taken by mouth most often for liver disorders, including liver damage caused by chemicals, alcohol, and chemotherapy, as well as liver damage caused by Amanita mushroom poisoning, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, chronic inflammatory liver disease, cirrhosis of the liver, and chronic hepatitis.

Some people apply Milky Thistle directly to the skin for skin damage caused by radiation. Diabetes, Acne, Liver disease in people who drink alcohol, Mushroom poisoning, a blood disorder that reduces levels of protein in the blood called hemoglobin (beta-thalassemia), an adverse skin reaction caused by cancer drug treatment (chemotherapy-induced acral erythema) can get better by using Silybum marianum.

Milk Thistle can relieve liver damage caused by cancer drugs, kidney damage caused by cancer drugs, liver scarring (cirrhosis), kidney disease in people with diabetes (diabetic nephropathy), hay fever, swelling (inflammation) of the liver (hepatitis), swelling (inflammation) of the liver caused by the hepatitis B and C virus (hepatitis B and C).

High levels of lipoproteins in the blood (hyperlipoproteinemia), liver damage caused by low oxygen levels, inability to become pregnant within a year of trying to conceive (infertility), breast feeding, a type of anxiety marked by recurrent thoughts and repetitive behaviors (obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD) will be treated through this herb.

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