Chaste Berries


Scientific Names: Vitex agnus-castus L.
Synonym: Agnus-castus macrostachya Carrière
English Name: Chaste berries
Other Names in English: Lilac Chaste Tree, Chaste Tree Berry, Chaste Tree, Monk’s Pepper, Vitex
Family: Lamiaceae



Persian Name: پنج انگشت/ Panj Angosht
German Name: Mönchspfeffer, Keuschlammsamen
French Name: Gattilier


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About Vitex Agnus-Castus

Chaste tree is a shrub whose height reaches two meters.

The branches of this shrub are rigid. Its leaves consist of five almond-shaped, pointed, elongated and completely separated leaves. The color on the surface of the leaves is a little brighter than underneath, and a pleasant aroma is created by touching it.

Its blue-purple flowers are integrated and relatively small and grow in spikes. After the flowers dry, the fruits grow in clusters in the same place. The fruits are spherical, small and white. They turn brown after drying.

Chaste Berry Temperament

Second degree of hot and dry

Chaste Berry Chemical Constituents


Chaste Berry Health Benefits

Chaste Berries eliminates the brain and liver blockages.

The leaves and fruits of Chaste tree help in the treatment of moist headaches, mania, palpitation, melancholy, bleeding, spleen congestion, uterine swelling, amenorrhea, nerve twist, anal fissure and snake, rabid dog and vermin bites. Inhaling the leaves of Chaste tree or Chaste Berries with the same amount of Oregano (Origanum vulgare) is useful for treating amenorrhea.

Chaste Berries are slightly bitter and smells like pepper, it is tonic, carminative and narcotic. It dries sperm and reduces sexual excitement.

Sitting in a decoction of its leaves or fruit improves swelling of the uterus and anus.

Its leaves are very useful for hormonal disorders, menstruation, and menopause in women. Smoking its leaves helps to relieve swelling. Its leaf poultice with fresh tallow and grape leaves is useful for removing the testicular stiffness. A poultice of its leaves relieves moist headache.

In India, Chaste Berries are used to treat eye diseases and stomach pain.

Chaste Berry Dose

4.5 gram

Chaste Berry Side Effects

It is harmful for kidneys. It causes headache.

Chaste Berry Modifiers

Gum Arabic

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