Caraway Seed


Scientific Name: Carum carvi L.
Synonyms: Foeniculum carvi (L.) Link, Karos carvi (L.) Nieuwl. & Lunell
English Name: Caraway seed
Other Names in English:
Family: Apiaceae



Persian Name: زیره سیاه/ Zireh Siah
German Name: Echter Kümmel, Gemeiner Kümmel, Gewöhnliche Kümmel, Wiesenkümmel
French Name: Carum Carvi, Graines De Carvi, Cumin des Prés


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About Carum Carvi

Carum carvi is a biennial plant whose height reaches sixty centimeters. The lower leaves of this plant have deep cuts and are divided into smaller parts. The leaves of the upper part also have deep cuts. But these leaves are pointed and almost needle-shaped and are narrower and more elongated than the lower leaves of the plant.
The seeds are dark brown, blackish, elongated, narrow, small, and slightly crescent-shaped, with pointed ends and they grow in pairs. There are prominent, longitudinal, and yellowish lines on the surface of the seeds. Caraway seeds are slightly narrower than Cumin seeds. Caraway seed is fragrant and has a spicy taste.

Carum Carvi Chemical Constituents

The mericarps (‘seeds’) contain protein (40%), fixed oil and resin (10%) and a volatile oil (3-8%). The principal constituents of the volatile oil are carvone (55-60%) and limonene. Other monoterpenes present are a-pinene, b-pinene, and p-cymene. The fixed oil is rich in oleic (60%), linoleic (20%) and petroselinic (17%) acids. The phenolics reported from the seeds are glycosides of kaempferol, quercetin and isorhamnetin and coumarins such as 5- and 8-methoxy psoralens, umbelliferone, herniarin, and scopoletin. The whole plant also yields a volatile oil consisting of cadinene (37%), carvone (31%) and dihydrocarveol (10%). The roots contain polyenes, falcarindione, falcarinolone, phytofluene, b-sitosterol, umbelliferone and scopoletin. Leaves contain glycosides of kaempferol and quercetin.

Caraway Temperament

Very hot and dry.

Caraway Health Benefits

  1. Caraway seed is a stimulant, tonic and carminative, diuretic, emmenagogue, lactiferous and tonic, is anti-bloating and seizure, strengthens stomach and relieves stomach pain. It is prescribed to strengthen weak and pale young girls, pluck humors which attached to the stomach and expels the stomach.
  2. Pour its pulverized powder on the wound. Prevents bleeding.
  3. If you sit in Caraway seed brewed water, it is beneficial for relieving uterine pain.
  4. Mix its tea with honey and rub it on the wound. Heals rabid dog bites.
  5. In the case of children who want to eat dirt and plaster, powder 9 grams of it and knead it with a little honey and every morning and evening give it to children between 2 to 3 years old each time as big as a small hazelnut and a big hazelnut to 3 to 7 years old children. Reduces their desire to eat plaster and dirt.

Caraway Side Effect

Harmful to the lungs and kidneys as well as hot temperament people.

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