Wild Rue


Scientific Name: Peganum harmala L.
Synonyms: Harmala multifida All., Harmala syriaca Bubani
Name: Wild Rue
Other Names in English: African rue, Harmal peganum, Syrian rue, Harmal shrub, Harmel, Isband, Ozallaik, Peganum.
Family: Tetradiclidaceae


  • Drink: alcoholic, stimulant
    • Medicines: pain-killers (whole plant)
    • Medicines: sedatives, etc. (whole plant)
    • Medicines: arthritis, rheumatism, etc.
    • Phytochemistry: miscellaneously poisonous or repellent (stem root, seed)
    • Phytochemistry: alkaloids (plant (cattle))
    • Agri-horticulture: fodder (stem, root, seed)
    • Products: dyes, stains, inks, tattoos and mordants (whole plant, seed)
    • Social: religion, superstitions, magic.Medicines: generally healing (whole plant)


Persian Name: اسپند/ Espand
German Name: Syrische Steppenraute
French Name: Rue de Syrie, Graines de Harmal, Rue Sauvage


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About Peganum Harmala

Wild Rue is the seed of a plant whose plant height reaches fifty centimeters. The leaves of Peganum harmala are narrow, short, scattered, cut, pointed and almost like deer horns. Its flowers have five oval petals, white, elongated, separate and fragrant. The seeds of Peganum harmala plant are triangular in shape, dark brown and bitter and have a spicy aroma. But when it places on fire, it creates a fragrant smoke.

The seed of Peganum harmala is placed in a small pod the size of a pea, with three swollen parts that have three sub-grooves. But when the sheath dries, the grooves do not split apart, instead, it cracks and splits between the two sub-grooves. The pod color of this plant is green at first. But after fully ripening, it becomes light yellow.

Peganum Harmala Chemical Constituents

It has four alkaloids called Harmine, Harmaline, Harmalol and Peganine or Vasicine.

Syrian Rue Temperament

Second degree of hot and dry.

Wild Rue Health Benefits

Wild Rue Seeds

  1. Every night before sleeping, pour a teaspoon of Wild rue in your mouth and drink it with warm water without chewing it. It is anti-parasitic and soporific, it is menstrual blood augmentor, it softens the lungs from viscous moisture, it cures weakness of the waist which is caused by excessive lechery, it prevents nocturnal emission. It is narcotic, it is prescribed for stomach pain and stomach ache, eliminates all kinds of intestinal tapeworms, eliminates intestinal winds, increases milk secretion, is a diuretic, is concentrated black bile and phlegm cathartic, warms the body, is useful Ascites and jaundice.
  2. Wash 23 grams of Syrian rue in cold water and dry it in the shade. Do this six times and 7 times wash it with warm water and dry it in the shade, then mix one sixth of it with sweet Almond oil every morning and eat it before breakfast. Treats frequent urination.
  3. Every morning before breakfast mix a teaspoon of Wild rue with some Flixweed (Descurainia sophia) and put it in your mouth and eat it without chewing it. Cures urinary incontinence.
  4. Swallow 12 of Wild rue every hour without putting a tooth on it. Diarrhea from heatstroke stops.
  5. Boil 32 grams of African rue in a glass of water, then strain the water and mix it with honey or Sesame oil and eat that amount every day for a month. Treats asthma or shortness of breath.
  6. Soak a teaspoon of Wild rue every day, then take it out and eat it. It purifies the blood.
  7. Pulverize 30 grams of Syrian rue and boil it with 120 grams of water, then strain the water and mix it with 90 grams of honey and 60 grams of Sesame oil and drink it. It causes severe vomiting, cleanses the chest and upper body of viscous moisture, and is also useful for moist cough.
  8. A person who has sciatica pulverizes and eats 5 to 7 grams of Wild rue every night for 15 nights, his sciatica will be cured.
  9. Boil 450 grams of it with 15 kg of grape juice until 3/4 of the water is distilled and 1/4 remains and drink a cup of it every day for a month. It is very useful for relieving chronic headaches and epilepsy, and if a woman who had become pregnant once and has never become pregnant again drink it for 3 consecutive days, she will become pregnant again.
  10. Pulverize it with equal amount of Flax seeds and mix it with honey and eat a little each time. It is very useful for shortness of breath.
  11. Mix its tea with Sesame oil and eat a little of it every time for a while. It is useful for liver and lung diseases.
  12. Rubbing Wild Rue powder decoction is beneficial for strengthening the limbs, removing laxity and blackening the hair.
  13. Boil some of it in Horseradish juice and Olive oil until the water runs out and the oil remains, and apply a few drops of that oil in the ear. It is useful for hearing impairment, deafness and resonance in the ear.
  14. Its fumigation is beneficial for relieving toothache.
  15. Mix Harmal seed with Berries seeds or Oyster, then pulverize softly and rub on the teeth. It will remove teeth yellowing.
  16. Boil it until a few drops of water remain and keep it. When bleeding from the nose, apply it to the nose with a dropper. It stops the nose bleeding.

Syrian Rue Side Effects

It is harmful to hot temperament people and causes headaches, vomiting and nausea. Its modifier is Sour fruit paste, Sekanjebin and other sour fruits.

Wild Rue Leaves

Drink its brewed tea. It is emmenagogue, increases milk secretion, aborts the fetus, is effective in enhancing sexual power, and also treats rheumatism.

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