Salt Stone


Mineral Name: NaCl
English Name:
1- White Salt stone
2- Pink Salt stone
3- Blue Salt stone
4- Gray Salt stone
5- Sea Salt
Other Names in English: Semnan Pink Salt, Semnan Blue Salt
Family: Halides



Persian Name: نمک صورتی، نمک آبی، نمک سفید، نمک سیاه، نمک سمنان/ Namak Sourati, Namak Abi, Namak Sefid, Namak Siah, Namak Semnan
German Name: Rose Semnan Salz, Rosa Kristallsalz, Orangensalz, Persisches Blausalz, Weißes Steinsalz, Weißes Kristallsalz, Schwarzes Salz
French Name: Sel Rose, Sel d’orange, Sel bleu de Perse, Sel blanc, Sel Noir


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About Salt Stone

Salt is a white, solid, and salty combination. Salt is made minerally from the mineral halite or rock salt, which is in the group of halides.

The crystal structure of rock salt is isometric and usually in the form of cubic crystals, appears as a coating of fine grains on other minerals, masses with swollen, stalactite and sometimes cubical and asymmetric components.

Rock salt can be colorless, white, yellow, orange, red, pink, or gray, and this variation in color is due to the presence of various impurities. The color of the rock salt powder is white. Rock salt is transparent to semi-transparent and has a glassy sheen.

The degree of hardness of rock salt is 2 to 2.5 and its density is 2.1 to 2.6.

Pink salt is nearly light brown when it’s still in rock form, but when broken to small pieces it looks more like lighter pinkish.

There are two types of Persian Blue Salt:

  1. Crystalline (Garmsar Blue Salt). Mining this stone is very difficult and expensive.
  2. Semnan Blue Salt is extracted as rock salt. The properties and health benefits of this type of salt are similar to the crystal salt rock. There is just one difference which is that this type of salt can be extracted much more and has a more reasonable price than crystal salt.

Blue salt is rare, its edible type is crystalline, which is mostly used for therapeutic purposes, and if the Blue Salt rock is opaque, it is not edible and has impurity.

The reason for the blue color of blue salt, except for the presence of Sylvite, is a result of the way the salt crystals refract the light. The reason for this refraction is due to the extreme pressure with which the salt was formed millions of years ago.

Salt Temperament

Second degree of hot and third degree of dry

Salt Chemical Constituent

Pink: The reason for pink color in Pink Salt is due to iron element which is present in this salt. There are other elements present in it, such as calcium, magnesium, and sodium.

Blue: The Persian blue salt has a high amount of potassium chloride.

It also contains sodium chloride. It contains Sodium, Chlorine, Potassium, Calcium, Iron and Zinc. It does not contain iodine. Typically, blue halite occurs in direct contact with relatively pure sylvite (which is usually milky white).

Salt Health Benefits

Salt Generally

Salt Stone laxative of phlegm, strengthens the digestive power. Pain reliever, laxative of black bile, stomach tonic, memory tonic.

Salt stone is useful for cold temperaments. It causes burping. Modifier for cold food, removes poison produced by rotten food. Repels sticky moisture. It expels infectious humors. It melts the frozen humors, expels the slimy phlegm from the chest and beautifies the complexion.

Relieves flatulence, indigestion, and cold stomachache. Eating some salt at the beginning and end of the meal prevents leprosy, madness, vitiligo, sore throat, toothache and stomach ache. Eating salt with Sekanjabin helps to cure ascites, black bile diseases, phlegm diseases and poisoning caused by opium and poisonous mushrooms. Vomiting after eating salt along with Sekanjebin enemas the stomach.

Keeping a solution of water and salt or a solution of vinegar and salt in the mouth strengthens the gums and relieves the pain of tooth decay.

Salt poultice with olive oil is useful for relieving fatigue and joint pain. Salt poultice with vinegar and honey heals centipede and bee stings. A salt poultice with wheat paste or with honey and olive oil removes boils and abscess.

Salt poultice with Oregano, tallow, and bread dough dissolves phlegmatic edema of the testicles.

Salt poultice with flax seeds heals scorpion stings. Salt poultice with Datura, Oregano and honey treats the genital wound.

Pink Salt Health Benefits

Since Pink Salt doesn’t contain Iodine, it’s suitable for people with hypothyroidism.

Pink Salt can treat arthritis and osteoporosis since it contains calcium. So, it strengthens bones and lower blood pressure due to the presence of sodium.

Pink Salt iron is insoluble in the form of iron oxide, so it can’t be absorbed by the body.

Persian Blue Salt Health Benefits

The use of Semnan blue salt destroys the entire Bartolini’s cyst.

Consumption of it cures high blood pressure, since it contains potassium.

Salt Dose

Up to 3 grams

Side Effects of Salt

Kidney and bladder. Eating too much salt causes low semen, diluted semen, dark eyesight, body itches, burning of the blood, dryness of the humors and slimness of the body. It also causes dryness of the brain in hot weather.

Salt Modifiers

Walking and sitting in water. Eating fresh tallow.

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