Scientific Names:
1. Opopanax persicus Boiss.
2. Opopanax hispidus (Friv.) Griseb.
1- Opopanax armeniacus Bordz.
2- Ferula hispida Friv.
English Name: Opoponax
Other Names in English: Hercules all-heal, Sweet Myrrh, Hercules’ woundwort
Family: Apiaceae



Persian Name: جاوشیر/ Javshir
German Name: Steifhaarige Gummiwurz
French Name: panacée d’Héraclès


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About Opoponax 

Opoponax is a perennial, herbaceous plant. Its stem is about one meter high. The stem is cylindrical, covered with white cotton threads, which gives the stem a gray color. In some species it is recumbent. The leaves are simple, entire, oval, irregularly broad, rough, the sides of the leaves are serrated and very green. The flowers are yellow in the form of a compound umbrella and fragrant. Seeds are black and same size as Anise.

By scratching the roots of this plant, the resin releases which gradually hardens in the air. It is also taken from the plant stem, but the quality of the stem resin is lower than the root gum. This resin has bad smell. Its color is strong red, but inside is white. The taste of the gum is pungent.

The best Opopanax should have a sharp and strong scent, saffron color, and white powder. It also stings the tongue, is sticky, dissolves quickly in water and vinegar, and has milky color when dissolved. There is an essential oil in the plant that is considered and used in perfumery.

Opoponax Temperament

Third degree of warm and dry

Opopanax Persicus Chemical Constituents

Essential and volatile oil. This essential oil contains Beta Elemene, Delta Cadinene, and Humulene. The root contains Falcarinone. The root gum of this plant contains Ferulic Acid.

Opoponax Health Benefits

Useful for brain diseases and weak nerves. Diuretics, stone crushers, eliminate toxins and infections, and laxatives. Improves headache, cough, epilepsy, side pain caused by coldness, bloating, tremors, and catarrh.

Eating 4.5g of this gum with warm water is emmenagogue, improves the condition of cold and hard uterus and is useful for ague, ascites, jaundice, colic caused by phlegm, and womb bloating.

Eating 2.5 grams of it with honey syrup (water+honey) improves bruising.

Drinking Hercules’ woundwort extract helps to cure sciatica. Drinking this extract along with vinegar is beneficial for the enlargement of the spleen.

A poultice prepared from the decoction of this gum along with olive oil is beneficial for biting rabies.

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