Scientific Name:
1- Ferula assa-foetida L.
2- Ferula alliacea Boiss.
1- Ferula foetida St.-Lag., Narthex asafoetida (L.) Falc. ex Lindl.
2- Ferula assa-foetida Boiss. & Buhse
English Name: Asafetida
Other Names in English: Asafoetida, Hing, Stinking assa
Family: Apiaceae



Persian Name: آنغوزه- صمغ اَنجَدان/ Anghouzeh- Samghe Anjadan
German Name: Stinkasant harz/ gummi, Teufelsdreck
French Name: Ase fétide résine/ gommier, Merde du diable


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About Ferula assa-foetida

Ferula Ass-afoetida is a plant of Apiaceae family, herbaceous and perennial.
Its root is slightly thick and fleshy. Its leaves are very cut and dusty and its stem is hollow, fleshy and up to two meters high. This plant does not have a visible stem in the first few years of its age and its leaves are widespread on the ground.

From the root of Asafoetida or the lower part of the stem and its collar, by squeezing or cutting in the collar area, in the late spring, the sap which is very stinking comes out during the summer, which gradually hardens in the presence of air, which is called Asafetida. This plant grows in barren, dry and calcareous lands of warm regions of Asia. It is native to the steppes of Iran and Afghanistan. In Iran, it grows in different parts of Khorasan, Baluchistan and different parts of the south, and other species of this plant also grow in Iran, from which it is also taken Asafetida.

Asafoetida has an astringent, bitter and biting taste and its smell is similar to the smell of garlic, it is stinking and unbearable.

Ferula Ass-afoetida is a medicinal, rangeland and industrial plant that a sap or a gum is obtained by cutting the roots of this plant, which has a pungent sulfur odor similar to the stinking and flavorful smell of garlic, which is marketed in both tear drop and pile form, depending on the type of plant.

Two types of bitter and sweet Asafoetida are harvested from it. Despite the apparent differences in the plants and gums harvested, both species belong to the species Ferula assa-foetida.

After research conducted in Iran, the conclusion was as follows:

  1. The percentage of essential oil in bitter Asafoetida was more than the percentage of essential oil in sweet Asafoetida.
  2. The main constituents in Tabas Sweet Asafetida and Bitter Asafetida were Propenyl sec-butyl disulfide.
  3. Bitter asafetida contained a large amount epi-γ-eudesmol.

Sweet Asafoetida is used for food and Bitter Asafoetida is mostly used for industrial purposes.

Ferula Assa-foetida Chemical Constituents

Ferula assa-foetida possesses a powerful alliaceous odour and a bitter acrid taste. It contains a volatile oil (4-20%), resin (40-60%), gums (20%) and some impurities. The oil consists chiefly of isobutyl propanyl disulphide and related compounds, which are responsible for the characteristic smell of the gum resin.

The resin is composed of coumarins such as umbelliferone, 5- hydroxyumbelliprenin, 8-hydroxyumbelliprenin, 9-hydroxyumbelliprenin, 8- acetoxy, 5-hydroxy umbelliprenin, asafoetidin, ferocolicin and asacoumarins A&B; phenols such as asaresinol ferulate and free ferulic acid and a group of sesquiterpenes, farnesiferol A, B, & C characteristically containing coumarin groups.

Asafoetida Temperament

Extremely hot and slightly dry.

Asafoetida Health Benefits

  1. Pour 2 grams of Asafoetida in an empty capsule every day and eat it. It strengthens the stomach, is anti-toxin and anti-seizure, and is very effective in treating paralysis, Parkinson, body weakness and pediatric epilepsy.
  2. Pound it and put the size of a peas in an empty capsule and eat one capsule every morning, noon and night. Kidney inflammation, pertussis, shortness of breath, anti-hysterical and anti-parasitic.
  3. If a woman eats 2.3g of Asafoetida a day for a week after menstruation, she will be temporarily and sometimes permanently prevented from getting pregnant.
  4. Mix it with Pepper and Common rue and eat. Treats tetanus.
  5. Dissolve it in vinegar and drink it. It is very useful for the nerves.
  6. If you dissolve Asafetida in water and drink it slowly, it is useful for relieving throat gruffness, clearing the voice and relieving bloating.
  7. Mix it with egg yolk and eat. It is beneficial for relieving dry cough and side pain.
  8. If you put about one pea in baked bread every day for several consecutive days and eat it, it is useful for relieving cold ascites of any kind.
  9. Mix Asafoetida with Pepper and Myrrh and eat. It is beneficial for increasing urination and emmenagogue.
  10. Mix Asafetida with pounded Figs and eat. Treats jaundice.
  11. Mix it with honey and poultice on the eyes. It is useful to strengthen the eyesight, stop white tears and expel the pterygium of the eye.
  12. Boil it in olive oil and drop a few drops in the ear. It is effective in relieving ear pain, reducing old deafness and eliminating resonance and sound in the ear.
  13. Put Asafoetida on a rotten or decaying tooth. Soothes toothache.
  14. Mix it with Figs and Hyssop and brew it and keep it in your mouth and taste it. It is effective in relieving the pain of decayed teeth.
  15. Mix it with honey and dilute it with distilled water a little and gargle it in your mouth. Reduces oral inflammation.
  16. Asafoetida’s gargling with vinegar is effective for expelling remained leeches in the throat.
  17. If you have blurred vision, pulverize it dry like soft dust and draw like a kohl in the eye, its blur will be removed.
  18. If you put it on the swellings, it splits the ripe swellings and it is beneficial for expelling pus and drying the infection.
  19. If you dissolve it and poultice on the head at night, it will prevent hair loss.
  20. Mix it with pulverized Gentiana and milk and poultice it. It is an effective antidote for rabid dog bites.
  21. Dissolve Asafetida in olive oil and leave it in the sun for a while until it gets old and rub it on the penis and around it. It is effective for strengthening sexual power.
  22. If you use it as suppository in the vagina, it will remove the dead fetus.
  23. Rubbing its dissolved liquid on the body is beneficial for mosquitoes and other insects escape.

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