Orange Blossom


Scientific Name:
1- Citrus aurantium L.
2- Citrus aurantiifolia (Christm.) Swingle
3- Citrus limon (L.) Burm.fil.
1- Citrus madraspatana hort., Citrus sulcata hort.
2- Citrus acida Roxb.
3- Citrus medica f. limon (L.) Hiroë
English Name:
1- Bitter Orange Blossom
2- Lime Blossom
3- Lemon Blossom
Other Names in English:
1- Seville Orange, Sour Orange, Bigarade.
2- Sour lime, West Indian lime, Mexican lime, Key lime, Indian lime, Egyptian lime.
Family: Rutaceae



Persian Name: بهارنارنج، بهار مرکبات/ Bahar-e-Narenj, Bahar-e-Morakabat
German Name: Orangenblüten, Zitrusblüten
French Name: Fleur d’oranger


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About Bitter Orange

Bitter Orange is the fruit of an evergreen tree whose height reaches 9 meters. Strong and elongated thorns are visible on the branches of the orange tree. The leaves of the orange tree are often almond-shaped, sometimes oval-shaped, pointed and slightly elongated, and grow with very short petioles. These leaves are slightly smaller and narrower than the leaves of other citrus fruits. The side of the leaves have very small seeds.

Bitter Orange tree flowers are small and white and grow in groups. Each flower often has five elongated petals, relatively narrow, almost pointed, and quite separate from each other. These flowers are very fragrant. The Bitter Orange fruit is relatively large and spherical and has different varieties. So that the peel of some, is thin and smooth and the peel of others is relatively thick and a little uneven. Orange fruits are green at first. But after fully ripening, they turn orange. The flesh of the ripe fruit is juicy, pale orange.

The kernels of this fruit are drop-shaped, pointed and slightly wrinkled. The flesh of the Bitter Orange fruit is very sour and the taste of the skin is bitter. The best Bitter Orange is big, completely ripe, fresh, orange with a thin and smooth peel.

Orange Blossom Chemical Constituents

It contains an essential oil called Oil of Neroli Bigarade. The main chemical constituents identified in orange blossom water are linalool together with its cis-and trans-oxides, α-terpineol, geraniol, nerol, terpinen-4-ol and a serie of nitrogen compounds such as methyl anthranilate and indole. The most important compounds from the neroli oil (flowers) are linalool (34.4%), linalyl acetate (11.3%) and limonene (10.9%). In the petitgrain oil (leaves), the main components were linalool (36.8%), linalyl acetate (22.1%) and α-terpineol (11.7%). The major constituent of the peel oils was found to be limonene (90.6%).

Citrus Blossom Temperament

Hot and dry

Citrus Blossom Health Benefits

  1. Brew 20 grams of Orange Blossom in a liter of boiling water for 20 minutes, then strain the tea and sweeten it with honey and drink a cup before each meal. It facilitates digestion, relieves stomach cramps, is anti-parasitic, eliminates all types of insomnia, and treats mental disorders, tachycardia, epilepsy, hysteria and angina.
  2. Mix its syrup with Pussy Willow (Salix aegyptiaca) extract and drink a glass of it every morning and night for 40 days. Prevents body sweat which is caused by weakness.
  3. If you use it as pessary with wool, it will increase menstrual secretion and regulate the uterus situation.

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