Common Rue


Scientific Names: Ruta graveolens L.
Synonyms: Ruta altera Mill.
English Name: Common Rue
Other names in English: Rue, Garden Rue, Herb of Grace
Family: Rutaceae

Pharmaceutical, perfumery, fragrance, extract, oil, incense, hydrosol, herbal tea.

Persian Name: سداب، پیم / Sodab- Pim
German Name: Duftende Raute, Wein-Raute, Weinraute
French Name: Rue des jardins, Rue fétide, Rue officinale

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About Common Rue

It is a perennial shrub whose height reaches seventy centimeters.

It has a straight and relatively thick stem whose cross-section is polygonal and almost circular.

The leaves grow in compound form. Each leaf is divided into distinct segments, and each segment contains a number of thick, oval, teardrop-shaped leaflets that grow reciprocally.

The leaves have an unpleasant smell.

The flowers of this plant are yellow and relatively large, and each flower consists of four or five completely separate petals, each petal having a wrinkled and jagged edge.

The fruit grows from its flower. This fruit is green, almost cube-shaped, with curved edges, on which very small holes can be seen. There are two deep grooves on its fruit that divide the fruit into four parts. There are bean-shaped, wedge-shaped, crescent-shaped, small, and blackish-brown seeds in each part of the fruit.

The best Common Rue is fresh and has sharp smell.

Temperament: Dried Common Rue is at the third degree of hot and dry. Fresh one is at the second degree of hot and dry. Its resin is very hot and dry.

Chemical Constituents

Rutin, rotozoid, graveolens, methyl nonane, bergapten, kokusaginine, skimmianine, bergaptene, methyl nonyl ketone.

Health Benefits

Common Rue is a brain and memory tonic, a stomach and digestion tonic, stomachic, removes excrement from the body, chest tonic and a stone breaker.

Its extract has properties similar to its dried herb.

This plant is useful for jaundice, enlarged spleen, hemorrhoids, anal diseases, uterine diseases, flatulence, brain diseases, nervous diseases, paralysis, tremors, convulsions, joint pains, and sciatica. Eating a small amount of this herb along with figs and walnuts will prevent the harm of poisonous food and animal poisons and harmful insects. Consistency in eating 2 grams of it daily is proven for paralysis, tremors, and convulsions. Eating Common Rue cooked in olive oil expels stomach worms. Drinking 2 grams of its extract daily helps to get rid of hiccups.

Dripping Common Rue decoction with vinegar in the nose of children will improve nosebleeds and epilepsy. Its extract with honey is also useful for epilepsy. Its drops in the ear improve tinnitus and hard of hearing. If you pour its extract into the pomegranate peel and heat it, its drop in the ear will relieve earache.

Drops of Common Rue extract, fennel decoction and honey in the eyes strengthen the eyes and improves eyesight.

Its poultice with dill and honey is useful for psoriasis. Its poultice with beeswax and myrtle oil removes macules and skin marks. Its poultice with bay leaf helps to treat swelling of the testicles and ovaries. Saute Common Rue in olive oil, and apply a poultice on the bladder, it is useful for urinary retention.

Drinking 50 to 70 grams of Common Rue leaves decoction with honey is effective for stopping hiccups. Drinking its leaves decoction with dry dill improves side pain, chest pain, shortness of breath, chronic cough, colic, pneumonia, joint pain, sciatica, and fever and shivering.

Chewing its leaves removes the bad smell of onion and garlic from the mouth.

Common Rue resin heal eye sores, scrofula, armpit swelling, groin swelling and leprosy. A suppository of 0.4 gram of its resin in vagina is emmenagogue and expels fetus.

Its oil relieves kidney and bladder coldness and is useful for paresis, fever and shivering, side pain, back pain and uterine pain caused by uterine asphyxia.

Dose: For adults, from 6 to 10 grams. For weak people from 0.2 to 0.9 grams.

Harms: All components of Common Rue are harmful for pregnant women. Common Rue dries up semen and weakens the sexual power. Consistency in eating its leaves causes poor eyesight, headache, temples pain and burning of the humors. Persistence in smelling it causes headache, temple pain, burning of the humors and is harmful for the heart and the senses.

Modifier: Sekanjebin and anise for poor eyesight, headache, temple pain, burning of the humors and dry semen.


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