Terebinth Gum


Scientific Name: Pistacia terebinthus L.
Synonyms: Lentiscus terebinthus (L.) Kuntze
English Name: Terebinth Gum
Other Names in English: Shirazi Mastic, Turpentine, Cyprus Turpentine, Eastern Turpentine Tree
Family: Anacardiaceae



Persian Name: Mastaki/ مَصطَکی- مَستَکی
German Name: Terebinthe harz- Terpentin- Pistazie gummi- Östlicher Terpentinstrauch harz
French Name: Pistachier térébinthe résine- Térébinthe gommier


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About Pistacia Terebinthus

Pistacia terebinthus gum or resin is taken from the branches and stems of shrubs of the pistachio family Anacardiaceae, which is a small shrub or tree, usually up to 3 meters high, but if grown well and taking cared of, in the garden its height reaches 14 meters.

This gum is transparent, white and very soft at first. But in the presence of air, it hardens quickly and turns yellow and opaque over time. The gum pieces of this small tree are oval, spherical or drop-shaped. This gum is fragrant, aromatic and almost sweet.

Pistacia terebinthus is a shrub with almost evergreen leaves that all parts of the plant smells like Terebinth gum. The leaves are slightly elongated, oval, and rhomboidal and grow crosswise without petioles. The flowers are red and very small and grow in clusters. The fruits are small, almost spherical, and sometimes oval and grow in clusters. These fruits have three parts: soft shell, hard shell, and core.

Its soft skin is usually red and under this skin, there is a hard and creamy shell that contains a small kernel. The taste of Shirazi Mastic fruit kernel is slightly bitter.

During the warm months of the year, small droplets are secreted out of the stems and branches of this tree and harden after a short time in the presence of air. For more production, locals make incisions in the trunk and branches of the tree, taking an average of 4 to 5 kilograms of resin from each tree.

The Pistacia terebinthus gum that is marketed is the shape of small hard teardrops in the size of a small lentil or pea, yellow, semi-transparent and slightly fragrant, and when chewed in the mouth, it softens and the aromatic taste is felt.

Pistacia Terebinthus Gum Chemical Constituents

Essential oils and about 90% of acids including Masticic Acid, Masticolic Acid, and Masticoresene.

Terebinth Gum Temperament

At the end of the second degree of hot and dry.

Shirazi Mastic Health Benefits

  1. Chew this gum like chewing gum and constantly swallow your saliva and finally eat it. It is tonic, it strengthens the heart and brain, in the case of pulmonary tuberculosis. It treats confusion that is accompanied by anger, it makes the gums healthy and strong, and flesh grow on it, and makes the mouth fragrant. Relieves toothache, strengthens the stomach.
  2. If a small amount of it is eaten along with a small amount of Boswellia, it is very effective for strengthening intelligence and memory.
  3. Boil it in water and drink it. It is useful for soothing cold coughs, stops bleeding from breasts, strengthens the liver, kidneys, stomach and intestines and stops diarrhea.
  4. Mix 5 parts of mastic with 1 part of Aloe resin and eat. It absorbs extra moisture from the brain and meninges layers and relieves cold headaches.
  5. Boil it with Nutgrass root and brush your teeth with it. Removes bad breath.
  6. Boil it in water and after cooling, apply 2-3 drops in the ear three times a day. It opens the tumor inside the ear and remove the hearing impairment and the deafness caused by the ear tumor.
  7. Boil it in Sesame oil and drop it in the ear. Relieves ear congestion and treats hearing impairment and deafness.
  8. Constant smelling of it eliminates OCD and melancholy over time.

Terebinth gum is tonic for the brain, heart, liver, intestine, kidney and is stomachic. The fruit oil of this tree is very strong and laxative.

Eating this gum makes the stomach smell good and cleans the trachea, causes belching, and it heals the fractured bone. It also cures cold headaches, cold catarrh, coughs, bloody sputum, contusions, and bruised limbs, indigestion, borborygmi, hiccups, visceral edema, and colic. Eating Terebinth gum with warm water removes the moisture of the stomach. Drinking its decoction is tonic for the stomach and intestines and helps to treat bloody phlegm and diarrhea. Eating this gum removes acnes and beautifies the complexion.

Eating Terebinth gum with frankincense is a memory enhancer. It strengthens the digestion and is useful for ascites and nausea.

Inhaling the mixture of Terebinth gum with Iris oil and Myrobalan (Terminalia chebula) cleans the trachea and helps to eliminate obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), bad breath, melancholy and catarrh. Chewing this gum with a little aloe resin will absorb excess moisture and phlegm from the brain, mouth and tongue. Chewing this gum is a tonic for the stomach, strengthens the teeth and gums and re-grows the gums, makes the mouth smell good, absorbs excess moisture from the mouth, tongue and brain, and improves toothache. Dripping Terebinth gum which has been boiled in sesame oil in the ear, is used to unclog ear.

The paste prepared from some Terebinth gum and a little ether is useful for filling the cavities in the teeth. Terebinth gum decoction is useful for relaxing and straining muscles.

Sprinkling Terebinth gum powder reduce swelling and relieves the pain caused by wounds and broken bones.

Terebinth leaf poultice is useful for prolapse of the anus and prolapse of the uterus caused by cold mal-temperament.

Teeth brushing with the wood of Terebinth tree branches brightens teeth and strengthens teeth and gums.

If you boil the fruit, leaf and branch of Terebinth tree in water, then filter the water, and again boil the new fruit, leaf and branch in this decoction and repeat this procedure several times until a thick liquid is formed, drinking it is useful for bloody phlegm, intestinal ulcer and diarrhea, protrusion of the navel and uterine prolapse.

Drinking and rubbing Terebinth fruit oil strengthens the uterus, stomach, kidney and bladder. It improves uterine pain, uterine prolapse, stomach pain, kidney pain, bladder pain, hiccups and indigestion. Dripping Terebinth fruit oil in the ear relieves its pain.

Terebinth Gum Dose

Up to 3 grams.

Terebinth Gum Side Effects

It is harmful for bladder.

Terebinth Gum Modifiers

Gum Tragacanth, Gum Arabic, walnut kernel. Before consuming Terebinth gum, it is better to soak it overnight in grape vinegar. Then dry it and use it with gum Tragacanth.


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