Scientific Name: Boswellia serrata Roxb. ex Colebr.
Synonyms: Boswellia serrata Roxb., Boswellia serrata var. glabra (Roxb.) A.W.Benn.
English Name: Frankincense
Other Names in English: Indian Frankincense, Boswellia, Indian Olibanum
Family: Burseraceae



Persian Name: کندر/ Kondor
German Name: Indischer Weihrauch, Salaibaum
French Name: Arbre à encens


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About Boswellia

It’s a gum or resin which is obtained from thorny plants about two meters high from the Burseraceae family, which has several species. It is a small and branched shrub, its leaves are composed of 7-15 leaflets. The leaflets are toothed and the whole plant is covered with cotton hairs. With the slit they create in the trunk of the frankincense-producing shrub, a white color latex comes out of it, which gradually hardens in the presence of air. This gum is sold in the market in small pieces or in the size of a chestnut. The gum is dry with a bitter taste, slightly astringent and slightly aromatic.

Frankincense Temperament

Hot and dry

Frankincense Health Benefits

  1. If two grams of it is eaten every time, it is a diaphoretic, diuretic, heart tonic and emmenagogue, it absorbs brain moisture, it is drying and astringent and it stops bleeding. It prevents external bleeding and bleeding from the chest, it eliminates gas, it is prescribed in cases of rheumatism, skin disorders and neurological diseases.
  2. If you chew it in your mouth, it strengthens your teeth and gums.
  3. If eaten with honey, it eliminates forgetfulness and memory weakness.
  4. Pound 4.6 grams of it and dissolve it in water and drink it for three days in the morning before breakfast. Relieves excessive phlegm and slowness of the mind and prevents diarrhea and vomiting.
  5. If you pound it and eat it with sugar, it strengthens the digestive system and eliminates gases and bloating, dries out the moisture, stimulates digestion, treats bloody diarrhea, bleeding from the anus and hemorrhoids.
  6. Swallow as much as two peas every morning for a while, it increases intelligence, and if a pregnant woman eats it occasionally from the age of three months, her baby’s intelligence will increase.
  7. Pound it with Shirazi Mastic and eat it. It relieves suffocation, smooths the voice and is very useful for singers.
  8. Eat it with Gum Arabic. It is beneficial for relieving bad smell in the nose and shortness of breath and relieving chronic cough.
  9. Mix two grams of it with egg yolk and honey each time and eat. It is useful for increasing sperm production and strengthening sexual power.
  10. In the morning, pound 3 grams of white Frankincense and mix it with honey, then heat it and eat it. It is useful for dropping a dead fetus.
  11. Mix 4.6 grams of it with the same amount of Cumin seed, pound and eat it. Soothes hiccups and prevents burps.
  12. Burn Frankincense every day and keep your eyes on its smoke. Removes red or bluish spots on the whites of the eyes.
  13. Mix pounded Frankincense with the egg yolk and cover it on the head. Improves confusion which is associated with anger.
  14. Mix its powder with kohl and rub it in the eyes. It makes the eyes bright and if there is a wound or injury in the eye, it will be treated.
  15. Mix its powder with honey and rub it on the eyes. It is useful for healing eye injuries and absorbing ecchymosis, relieving eye pain, and itching of the eyes.
  16. Rubbing it in the eyes is very beneficial for healing bad eye wounds.
  17. If you feel an ant constantly walking on your body, mix its powder with vinegar and poultice it. This problem will be solved.
  18. Its poultice with Olive oil and honey is effective for treating joint pain, cold pains and chronic bone pain.
  19. If you mix it with Sesame oil and poultice it, it is useful for shrinkage of hard swellings.
  20. Rub its oil on the pimples. It cures acnes.

Boswellia Side Effects

Excessive consumption of it causes burning of blood and phlegm, headaches, melancholy and insanity in hot temperaments.

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