Wild Pistachio


1. Scientific Name: Pistacia atlantica Desf.
Synonyms: Pistacia mutica Fisch. & C.A.Mey.
English Name: Wild Pistachio Fruits
Other Names in English: Atlantic mastic tree, Mt. Atlas mastic tree, Atlantic Pistachio, Mount Atlas Mastic, Turpentine tree
2. Scientific Name: Pistacia khinjuk Stocks ex Stocks
Synonyms: Pistacia acuminata Boiss & B.H., Pistacia integerrima Stew. Ex Brandis
English Name: Khinjuk Fruits
Other Names in English:
Family: Anacardiaceae



Persian Name: Baneh- Chatlanghoush- Golkhoung- Pesteh Kouhi- Pesteh Vahshi/ بَنه- چاتلانقوش- گُلخونگ- پِسته کوهی- پِسته وَحشی
German Name: Atlantische Pistazie
French Name: Pistachier de l’atlas- Térébinthe


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About Pistacia atlantica

Pistacia atlantica is a type of mountain pistachio whose tree height reaches seven meters which has many species. The Pistacia atlantica resin comes out of the trunk of this tree naturally or by creating through collectors. The leaves of Pistacia atlantica are elongated, oval, and sometimes almond-shaped, and grow reciprocally without petioles.

The fruits of Pistacia atlantica are small, spherical, and oval and grow in clusters. These fruits contain three parts: soft skin, hard skin, and core. The soft skin of Pistacia atlantica fruits is usually a combination of pink and yellow colors, and under it there is a hard, cream peel, and inside it is a small, dark, oily and almost oval seed.

Wild pistachios are smaller than regular pistachios. The fruit of this tree has a pleasant aroma and taste.

Chemical Constituents

The fatty acids, sterols, triacylglycerols (TAG), tocopherols, polyphenols, and pigments.
Oleic acid, palmitic acid and octadecanoic acid are the main components in the oil of P. atlantica.

Temperament: Hot and dry

Health Benefits

Pistachio strengths the five senses, liver, spleen, kidney, internal pain reliever. It removes excess moisture from the chest and lungs, stone crusher, removes all types of stomach worms and is kidney stone breaker. It purifies the body from phlegm waste and improves paralysis, suffocation, back pain, colic and fainting. Eating this fruit with vinegar cleanses the liver, it is useful for headaches and snake and tarantula bites.

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