Cyperus Rotundus


Scientific Names: Cyperus rotundus L.
Synonym: Chlorocyperus rotundus (L.) Palla
English Name: Nutgrass
Other names in English: Java-grass, Cocograss, Ground-almond, Nut sedge, Purple nutsedge, Purple nut-grass, Red nut sedge, Nut Grass
Family: Cyperaceae

Underground rhizome

Pharmaceutical, cosmetics, incense, perfumery, joss stick, herbal tea.

Persian Name: سعد- سعد کوفی- مشک زمین/ Sod- Sode Koufi- Moske Zamin
German Name: Knollen-Zypergras, Knolliges Zypergras
French Name: Souchet Rond

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About Cyperus rotundus

Cyperus rotundus rhizome is the swollen parts of the underground stem of an herbaceous and perennial plant whose height reaches eighty centimeters.

This plant has relatively thin and straight stems with a triangular cross section.

The leaves are elongated, very long, narrow, pointed, and flexible. These leaves grow in two parts of the plant. Many at the bottom of the plant near the ground, and three leaves at the top of the stem and below the flowers. The lower leaves of the plant are larger.

The flowers are elongated and reddish-brown and grow in clusters at the top of the stems.

Its underground stems are thin and produce tubers at regular intervals, from which new aerial stems grow. These tubers are small, swollen, slightly elongated, oval, sometimes drop-shaped and rarely spherical. But in general, they do not have a regular shape. The color of these tubers is black and the inside is white and they have a fragrant smell.

The best Nutgrass rhizome is large, fully ripen and aromatic. It has a very spicy taste. Its surface color is black and its interior is white.

Temperament: At the end of the second degree of hot and dry.

Chemical Constituents

Unstable alkaloid, 0.5% essential oil, a kind of proteide, carbohydrate and oily substances.

Cyperus rotundus rhizome essential oil contains pinene, a small amount of cineol, sesquiterpene, isopropyl alcohol.

Cyperus rotundus oil contains glycerol, linolenic acid, linoleic acid, oleic acid, myristic acid, stearic acid.

Health Benefits

This rhizome strengthens memory and nerves, strengthens stomach and sexual power.

Nutgrass rhizome is diuretic, emmenagogue, stone breaker, vasodilator, stomachic and carminative.

It removes infection, brightens the complexion, strengthens the digestive power and is useful for cold headaches, bad breath, nasal polyps, hemorrhoids, palpitation, jaundice, stomach ulcers, and scorpion stings. Eating Cyperus rotundus tubers with turpentine fruit oil warms the kidneys and bladder and improves back pain, strangury, old fevers, and vomiting.

If you grind Nutgrass rhizome and put it on the fire in a clay dish and dry it, eating it daily on an empty stomach will strengthen the stomach and help treat heartburn due to indigestion.

Its drops in the ear improves hearing heaviness.

Its uterine suppository with turpentine fruit oil tightens the cervix and relieves the coldness of the uterus.

Rubbing its powder on the gums is a tonic for the gums and teeth, makes the mouth smell good and heals its wounds. Its poultice on chronic wounds which is caused by too much moisture causes flesh to grow and relieves cold pains. Washing the face with its decoction beautifies the complexion.

Dose: From 2 to 7 grams

Harms: Pharynx, voice, and lungs. Excessive consumption of Nutgrass rhizome causes burning of blood and leprosy.

Modifiers: Sugar for pharynx and voice, anise for lungs. To prevent the harm of burning blood and leprosy, you should soak Cyperus rotundus tubers in honey and vinegar for three days. The tubers of Cyperus rotundus should not be consumed with its roots. Because the roots neutralize the effects of its tubers.

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