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Khinjuk Resin

Scientific Name: Pistacia khinjuk Stocks
Synonyms: Pistacia acuminata Boiss. & Buhse
English Name: Khinjuk
Other Names in English: Kolkhung, Khinjuk Resin
Family: Anacardiaceae

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Rare Aromatic Khinjuk Resin For Sale

Pistacia khinjuk resin wholesaler, supplier and exporter.
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About Pistacia Khinjuk

It is a tree with a height of 12 meters, its bark is not smooth, its leaves are like comb with petioles. Each leaf consists of 1 to 3 ovoid leaflets, the dimensions of which are 1.5-7 * 3-10 cm. Its fruit is similar to a pistachio, but round, spherical, slightly compressed and pointed, with a diameter of about 0.5 cm. The fruit of Kalkhong tree is round and small with a green and oily skin.

This tree grows in Iran. In order to collect its gum, farmers wound the trunk of the tree in the hot season and the resin comes out of the crack. This gum is pasty state at first. Due to the fact that this gum is mixed with soil and dust when it is removing from the tree and is dirty after collection, it is cooked in water then and purified.

Temperament: Hot and dry.

Health Benefits

This gum enemas ear pus. It causes the flesh to grow back in the wounds and is beneficial for lung ulcers, chronic cough, and snake bites.

Eating Khinjuk resin with honey helps to heal internal wounds. Also, eating it with Sandarac gum and half-boiled egg yolk is beneficial for healing cuts in organs and relieving fatigue and pain.

If you mix 8.5 g of this gum with 17 g of goat’s kidney tallow and eat it three consecutive nights before going to bed, it will remove moist cough and suffocation.

Chewing Khinjuk resin absorbs and enemas phlegm moisture from the brain, enemas the pharynx from slimy mixture, removes excess moisture from the stomach and strengthens the stomach.
If you melt this gum in olive oil, the poultice strengthens the nerves and is useful for swelling and torn muscles.

Dose: 3.4 g

Harms: It is harmful for hot temperaments

Modifiers: Sekanjebin

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92 / 100

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