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Rose Hips

Scientific name: Rosa canina L.
Synonyms: Rosa caucasica Pall., Rosa calycina M.B., Rosa arguta Steven, Rosa frondose Steven
English name: Rose Hips
Other names in English: Dog Rose
Family: Rosaceae

Plant Parts: Flower, fruit, flower oil and flower hydrosol
Cultivation mode: Wild collection/Cultivated

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About Dog Rose

Dog Rose is a thorny shrub that reaches three meters in height.

The stems of this shrub are often green and spiky, and their cross section is circular. These stems have two types of thorns. Some are large, brown, and slightly curved, and others are very small. The base surface of coarse thorns is oval. The tiny thorns usually grow on the narrower stems, petioles, peduncles, and on the underside of the sepals of the flowers.

The leaves of Dog Rose shrub grow from three or five leaflets, almost oval, egg-shaped, and pointed and without petioles. The fluting of the leaflets is such that a leaflet is placed at the tip of the leaf and the rest of the leaflets grow reciprocally.

Dog Rose flowers are often pinkish-white, sometimes pink, and relatively large. Each flower consists of five petals, almost heart-shaped, very delicate, and completely separate from each other. This flower is very fragrant, but its hydrosol has very little aroma.

The fruits (which is called Rose Hips) are slightly elongated, almost oval, sometimes egg-shaped and shiny. Rose Hips are initially green in color and have a smooth surface. But after fully ripening, they turn red-brown and their surface skin becomes wrinkled.

Inside each fruit there are a number of small, slightly elongated, sometimes pyramidal-shaped seeds with a square, pointed and yellowish basal surface. The taste of the fleshy part of this fruit is sour, slightly astringent, and a bit sweet. There are some thin fibers inside this fruit.

Temperament: Hot and dry

Chemical Constituent: Citric acid, malic acid, a little sugar, tannin and a lot of vitamin C.

Health Benefits

It strengthens the heart, liver, nerves, and stomach. Rose hip helps to treat stomach ache, bilious diarrhea and dysentery.

Rubbing the powder of dried Rose Hips on gums and teeth and gargling its infusion strengthens the gums and can relieve diphtheria.

Eating it prevents bleeding, especially bleeding from the chest.

Drinking the decoction of Rose Hips compensates vitamin C deficiency because it contains large amounts of vitamin C.

It is diuretic and has a beneficial effect on kidney inflammation and relieving pain caused by kidney stones.

Rose Hips is a gallstone remover and is useful for dialysis patients. Treatment of dermatomycosis, eczema, and gout. Relieving insomnia and urinary retention.

Removes bad body smell. Blood sugar reducer.

It eliminates heart palpitations and increases the speed of blood flow in the skin and makes the skin soft and beautiful.

Dose: 24 grams

Harms: Rose Hips causes cough.
Its seeds are poisonous and should not be eaten.
Do not use during pregnancy.
In the hot seasons of the year (spring and summer), it is better for hot temperament people not to use it.

Modifiers: Goleghand

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