Coriander Seeds


Scientific Names: Coriandrum sativum L.
Synonym: Coriandropsis syriaca H.Wolff
English Name: Coriander seeds
Other names in English: Chinese Parsley, Cilantro
Family: Apiaceae

Stem, leaf, seed

Pharmaceutical, food, spice, perfumery, fragrance, cosmetic, tobacco, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, essential oil, extract, herbal tea.

Persian Name: گشنیز، کزبره، جلجلان/ Geshniz, Kozboreh, Jaljalan
German Name: Echter Koriander, Koriander
French Name: Coriandre, Coriandre cultivée, Coriandre cultivé

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About Coriandrum sativum

Coriander is an annual plant whose height reaches one meter.

Coriander stems are relatively thin, tender, and pale green, and their cross section is often square. Longitudinal grooves can be seen on the surface of these stems.

Coriander leaves are small and thin and grow crosswise. Each leaf has two deep cuts that divide these leaves into three parts with a jagged edge. Coriander leaves look like parsley, but are lighter and thinner. After the stems are fully grown, in the upper part of the plant new leaves will grow which are different from the previous leaves. These leaves are very small and branched and divided into narrow and pointed parts.

Coriander flowers are very small and pinkish white and grow in the form of umbrellas at the end of flowering stems. Each flower has several very small and completely separate petals. Only the outer petals of the side flowers of this plant grow in an almond shape and the rest of the petals remain closed.

Coriander seeds are spherical and relatively large, and there are prominent and parallel lines in the form of concentric radii on each of them. Coriander seeds grow at the end of the flowers. These seeds are green and have bad odor, but after fully ripening, they turn pale brown and fragrant.

The best coriander seeds are fresh, large, fully ripe, with a spicy taste and a strong aroma.

Temperament: At the second degree of cold and dry

Chemical Constituents

The fresh coriander herb, containing essential oil, fatty acids, flavonoids, carotenoids as well as coumarin compounds. The aroma of the coriander fruit and herb is completely different, the aliphatic aldehydes, having unpleasant odor, are the main components of the volatile oil from the fresh herb, linalool, and other oxidized monoterpenes as well as monoterpene hydrocarbons predominate in the oil distilled from the fruit. The compounds present in seeds and leaves were found to vary significantly.

The composition of coriander seeds essential oil was found to vary with place of production.

The Argentinean and European coriander contain linalool, α-pinene, γ-terpinene, camphor, limonene.

The essential oil from New Zealand contained linalool, α-pinene, γ-terpinene, camphor, and limonene

In Russian coriander seed essential oil, linalool. Hence, we can conclude that linalool was the main compound in the coriander seed essential oil.

Health Benefits

This plant strengthens the sexual power of hot temperament people and relieves inappetence.

Coriander leaves reduce the intensity of yellow bile and relieve thirst. Coriander seeds are enlivening, brain tonic, heart tonic, and stomach tonic. Coriander honey is stomachic, enlivening, brain tonic, heart tonic, stomach tonic, soporific, increases mother’s milk and gum tonic.

Coriander leaves improve stomach inflammation and vomiting. Drinking 20 grams of its leaf juice with vinegar and sumac is soporific and prevents the ascent of stomach vapor to the brain.

Drinking 20 grams of coriander leaf juice with sugar is stomachic and soporific and helps to relieve indigestion. Keeping coriander leaf juice in the mouth is useful for removing heat and burning in the mouth, and the pain of rotten teeth. The drops of coriander leaf juice in the eyes removes the yellowness of the eyes and prevents the development of smallpox and typhoid in it. Rubbing dried coriander leaf powder on the gums strengthens the gums and stops bleeding. The poultice of its leaves treats hot swellings, prevents hot substances from pouring into the body organs, and helps to eliminate erysipelas. Coriander leaf poultice with barley flour dissolves hard swellings and improves scrofula.

Poultice of coriander leaf juice with damask rose oil and some lead on cancerous wounds is effective.

Coriander seeds prevent the ascent of stomach vapor to the brain and improve palpitation, hot obsession, diarrhea, semen flow and urinary tract ulcers. Drinking the decoction of coriander seeds or its soaked water or eating its roasted seeds cures bloody diarrhea, excessive bile, and palpitation. Drinking coriander seed powder syrup or soaking its powder in vinegar is useful for dizziness. Its seed poultice relieves hot headache. Coriander seed poultice with honey and olive oil helps to treat scarlet fever and anthrax. Its seed poultice with white sandalwood and anise is stomach tonic and relieves belching. Sprinkling its seed powder on wounds is useful to stop bleeding.

Coriander honey improves indigestion, fever, measles, smallpox, cough, cold, catarrh and shortness of breath.

Dose: Coriander leaves up to 50 grams, its juice up to 25 grams and its seeds from 10 to 25 grams.

Harms: Coriander is harmful to the people with shortness of breath. Eating 120 grams of coriander juice causes forgetfulness, mental disorders, hoarseness, low sperm count, sexual weakness, lack of erection, and stops menstrual bleeding. In this condition, the patient’s body smells like coriander.

Modifiers: Half boiled eggs and Sekanjebin for those with shortness of breath. If someone gets sick by drinking too much coriander juice, he or she should vomit first. Then eat half boiled egg yolk with pepper and salt, and chicken broth with cinnamon.


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