Scientific Names: Polypodium vulgare L.
English Name: Polypody
Other Names in English: Common Polypody, Adder’s Fern, Golden-Maidenhair, Wall Fern
Family: Polypodiaceae

Persian Name: بسفایج/ Bisfaij- Bispais
German Name: Gemeiner Tüpfelfarn, Gewöhnlicher Tüpfelfarn
French Name: Réglisse des bois

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About Polypody

Polypody is an underground stem of a perennial fern that reaches thirty centimeters in height. This plant does not have flowers and is a leaf attached directly to the underground stem. This plant only has a petiole-like stem that is the link between the leaf and the underground stem.

The leaf of this plant has deep cuts that divide it into small and elongated pieces. Parts that grow successively or alternately with respect to the main vein and their length decreases from the bottom to the top to reach the tip of the plant. The overall shape of this leaf is triangular and there are orange seeds behind all its parts.

The underground stem of the plant has horizontal growth spurs and new stems grow from its parts. This underground stem is narrow, dark-colored and knotted, and new and narrow roots grow from each knot, and a new plant grows from the same place. The new underground stem of this plant is green and turns red and black as it gets older.

The best type is thick and has a sweet and sour taste similar to cloves, and inside is almond green.

Temperament: Second degree of hot and dry

Chemical Constituents: Butyric acid, Hexanoic acid, Lauric acid, Isovaleric acid, Methyl butyric acid, Samambain

Health Benefits

It cures flatulence, colic, leprosy, black bile diseases, and joint pain. Eating it with honey syrup helps to expel black bile substances and thick and slimy mixture from the stomach and joints and does not harm the body. Drinking Polypody decoction with non-alcohol beer or honey sherbet is useful for all diseases of black bile, colic and flatulence. It expels any excess phlegm and is enlivening. Drinking its decoction with licorice and anise improves cough, shortness of breath and asthma.

Constantly drinking its decoction with jujube is very beneficial for hemorrhoids. Drinking 10 grams of its decoction plus snake cucumber or manna of hedysarum cures hemorrhoids, chronic stomach pain and epilepsy. Seven days of drinking a decoction of 3.5 grams of Polypody and 100 grams of snake cucumber seeds will cure melancholy and leprosy.

Its poultice is useful for sprained nerves and fissures between fingers.

Harms: Kidney and chest

Modifiers: Yellow myrobalan for kidney, maidenhair fern for chest. To get rid of chest damage, you can cook and crushed Polypody with beer and beets and eat it. It is better to cook and consume it alone or with dried fruits or herbs.

Dose: 2.5 to 7 grams of raw stems, 5 to 15 grams of cooked

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