Scientific Name: Equisetum arvense L.
Synonyms: Equisetum calderae B.Boivin
English Name: Horsetail
Other Names in English: Field Horsetail, Scouringrush.
Family: Equisetaceae


Pharmaceutical, Hydrosol, Herbal Tea, Cosmetics, Abrasives, Toothpaste, Protective clothing, Optical fiber, Thickeners for paint, Detergents, Cleaners, etc.


Persian Name: دم اسبی/ Dom-e-Asbi
German Name: Ackerschachtelhalm, Schachtelhalmkraut, Zinnkraut
French Name: Prêle des champs


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About Equisetum Arvense

Equisetum arvense is a perennial, flowerless and fruitless plant that reaches sixty centimeters in height. This plant has only one stem. A relatively thick and hollow stem that is articulated at regular intervals. Twelve deep longitudinal grooves are usually seen on the outer surface of this stem. The leaves are elongated, narrow and articulated, and they grow in the area of the stem articulated in a consistent manner and at certain intervals. These leaves are directly attached to the stem. The seeds grow in the form of spikes on the highest part of the stem. The underground stem is woody, strong, articulated and very long.

Horsetail Temperament

Second degree of cold and dry.

Horsetail Health Benefits

Equisetum arvense cures bleeding, bloody mucus, chronic cough, chest diseases, hot shortness of breath, hot liver ascites, hot liver edema, hot diarrhea, intestinal ulcers, and bladder injuries.

Drinking its decoction every day and its enema will cause the hernia to heal and repair the wound of intestine. Equisetum arvense poultice helps to treat deep wounds, nerve cuts, anus swelling and hot edema.

Horsetail Usage Dose

2.5 grams

Side Effects of Horsetail

It produces black bile

Horsetail Modifiers

Sugar and sweet almond oil

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