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Astragalus Manna

Scientific Name: Astragalus brachycalyx subsp. brachycalyx
Synonyms: Astragalus adscendens Boiss. & Hausskn.
English Name: Astragalus Manna
Other Names in English: Gaz of Khunsar, Gazangabin, Persian Manna
Family: Fabaceae

Persian Name: Gaz Khansar/ گَز خوانسار

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About Astragalus Manna

Astragalus Manna is a type of manna that is caused by the activity of insects called Cyamophila Dicora and Cyamophila Astragalicola on the leaves and young stems of a species called Astragalus Adcendens. This insect sucks the sap grown from the branches and young leaves of this species and after a series of reactions, expels it from its body. This excreted substance is the Astragalus Manna, which remains as a white paste-like substance on the branches and leaves of the plant and becomes hard and slightly yellowish due to contact with air. This manna has a very sweet taste.

The best Astragalus Manna is white and transparent, very sweet, clean and without leaves and thorns, and has large pieces.

Chemical Constituents

About 40% Tannic acid, about 50% Sucrose, about 20% Laevulose, about 20% Dextrose.

Temperament: It is hot and dry and some consider it moderate.

Health Benefits

  1. It is laxative, astringent and expectorant. It is useful for relieving shortness of breath and hoarseness.
  2. Dissolve 18 grams of it in warm water and drink. Relieves coldness of the stomach.
  3. To treat a baby’s stomach ache caused by coldness, boil 46 grams of it with 46 grams of Oak manna, then strain it and gradually give it to the child spoon by spoon.

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95 / 100

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