Astragalus Manna


Scientific Name: Astragalus brachycalyx subsp. brachycalyx
Synonyms: Astragalus adscendens Boiss. & Hausskn.
English Name: Astragalus Manna
Other Names in English: Gaz of Khunsar, Gazangabin, Persian Manna
Family: Fabaceae



Persian Name: Gaz Khansar/ گَز خوانسار


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About Astragalus Manna

It is a sweet substance similar to Tamarix Manna, which comes from a kind of plant called Astragalus adscendens Boiss. & Hausskn. Taken. This plant, which is a type of Astragalus from the Legumes family and from which Gum Tragacanth is also taken, grows in the mountainous areas of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province and around Khansar.

Gas of Khansar is produced from the secretions of insects that belong to Homoptera suborder and Hemiptera order and its scientific name is Cyamophila dicora Loginova. This small insect, is up to 3 mm long and gray-brown in color, concentrates on the young branches of Astragalus, 5 to 10 years old, and emits its sweet secretions, which is Gas of Khansar usually in Khansar region in September and October every year. It hardens in the vicinity of air. Local farmers find these plants, known as Las, and collect the Gaz of Khansar. Gaz of Khansar is a neutral substance whose pH varies between 6 and 7.3 in different samples and contains about 70% sucrose, 28% glucose, some vitamin C and other substances.

This manna has a very sweet taste.

The best Astragalus Manna is white and transparent, very sweet, clean and without leaves and thorns, and has large pieces.

Persian Manna Chemical Constituents

About 40% Tannic acid, about 50% Sucrose, about 20% Laevulose, about 20% Dextrose.

Persian Manna Temperament

It is hot and dry and some consider it moderate.

Persian Manna Health Benefits

Astragalus manna is a weak laxative, brain purifier, tonic for the respiratory organs, tonic for the digestive organs, and breast laxative.

It is useful for people with cold temperament and helps to relieve colds, hoarseness and roughness of chest and voice, shortness of breath, coughs which are caused by phlegm and hot mal-temperaments.

  1. It is laxative, astringent and expectorant. It is useful for relieving shortness of breath and hoarseness.
  2. Dissolve 18 grams of it in warm water and drink. Relieves coldness of the stomach.
  3. To treat a baby’s stomach ache caused by coldness, boil 46 grams of it with 46 grams of Oak manna, then strain it and gradually give it to the child spoon by spoon.

Astragalus Manna Dosage

From 15 to 50 grams.


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