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Scientific Name: Rhus coriaria L.
Synonyms: Rhus amoena Salisb., Rhus heterophylla C.C.Gmel.
English Name: Sumac
Other Names in English: Currier’s sumach, Tanner’s sumac, Sicilian sumac, Elm-Leaved Sumac.
Family: Anacardiaceae

Pharmaceutical, Dyeing, Leather manufacturing, Tobacco and Cigarette production, etc.

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About Sumac

Sumac is the fruit of a shrub whose height reaches to three meters. The young stems of this shrub are hairy. The leaves of this shrub are oval and rhomboid, and their edges are serrated, and they grow without petioles and crosswise. The back of the leaves is paler than the top. The flowers are green and small and grow in dense clusters. Each flower usually has five triangular petals with their edges slightly turned outwards.

The fruits are fluffy and dark red and grow in clusters. The core of this fruits is brown, small, relatively wide, circular and almost similar to lentils. Rhus coriaria fruit is astringent at first. But after fully ripening, it turns sour. The best sumac is red, sour, and tasty.

Temperament: Second degree of cold and third degree of dry

Health Benefits

Strengthening the stomach, eliminates all types of diarrhea, vomiting and bleeding.

Rhus coriaria fruit core prevents yellow bile from spilling into the stomach and intestines and improves blood mucus and excessive urination.

Eating its core powder with cold water helps to stop all kinds of bleeding. Eating half-pounded the core with cumin and cold water stimulates the appetite of hot-temperament people, and it is a good treatment for those who are constantly vomiting and food does not remain in their stomachs. Eating half-pounded cores with egg yolk and dry coriander improves diarrhea. If you cook chicken meat or egg yolk with Sumac fruit, eating it will help to cure diarrhea.

Eating the cortex of crushed Sumac fruit removes chronic diarrhea and white secretions of the uterus. If you boil 25 grams of its fruit cortex in 150 grams of water, its drops is useful for treating ear pus.

If you soak the cortex of the sumac fruit in water with a small amount of Tragacanth, the drop in the eye will improve inflammation and redness.

Rubbing the crushed sumac cortex on the gums or keeping its decoction in the mouth strengthens the gums and is also useful for toothache caused by tooth decay.

The poultice of its fruit cortex with water improves bruises, carbuncle, swelling, especially swelling of the skull.

The fruit cortex poultice with oak tree charcoal is useful for hemorrhoids.

If you put the bruised and damaged limbs in a thick decoction of its fruit cortex, it will prevent it from swelling.

If you boil these fruits with its leaves and stems in water until it reaches the consistency of honey, it is useful for eyelid diseases, eye swelling, body swelling, pimples and skin spots, moist wounds, chronic wounds, gum decay, nails pain, and uterine bleeding.

The enema of its leaves decoction cures intestinal ulcers and dysentery.

Poultice of its leaves on children’s stomach strengthens their intestines and is useful for diarrhea.

The resin of the this tree is effective for strengthening eyesight and healing wounds, and cures the pain of teeth decay and eyelid diseases.

Dose: 12 g

Harms: It is harmful for people who have cold stomach and liver.

Modifiers: Mastic and Anise

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95 / 100

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