Scientific Name:
1- Lavandula angustifolia Mill.
2- Lavandula stoechas L.
1- Lavandula angustfolia
2- Stoechas officinarum Mill.
English Name:
1- Lavender
2- Wild lavender
Other Names in English:
1- English Lavender, Common Lavender
2- French lavender, Butterfly Lavender
Family: Lamiaceae



Persian Name: اسطوخدوس/ Ostokhoddus
German Name: Lavendel, Schopflavendel
French Name: Lavande commune, Lavande fine, Lavande des Maures


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About Lavandula

Lavender is a perennial flower that reaches one meter in height. The stems of this plant are very dense and its main stem is wooden. The stems of the lavender plant are slightly hairy and their cross section is circular. The leaves are elongated, narrow, small, fleshy, fragrant and dusty-like. Also, the leaves are dull green, silvery and slightly fluffy.

Flowers are small and pink and grow in spikes at the end of the stems. Each flower has five small oval petals. Sepals of lavender flowers are purple. The flowers of some lavender species are blue or white. The seed of this plant is small, oval, slightly elongated and dark brown with a pungent and thick aroma and a very bitter taste.

Lavandula Chemical Constituents

Fresh flower spikes and leaves yield 0.8-2% volatile oil, comprising of 30- 40% esters, chiefly l-linalylacetate; geraniol, linalool, limonene, cineole, esters of butyric and valeric acids, and a sesquiterpene.

Lavender Temperament

First degree of hot and second degree of dry.

Lavender Health Benefits

  1. Brew 5 grams of it and drink its strained tea. It soothes the organs of the body, strengthens the nerves and enlivening of the soul, is very useful for people who get angry easily in small matters, strengthens the brain and mental powers, strengthens the memory and cures forgetfulness, cures obsession, melancholy, seizures and paresis. Eliminates infections of the body, strengthens the stomach, diaphoretic, eliminate yellow bile, invigorating, is anti-parasitic, anti-flatulence and anti-colic, increase appetite, hydrops in the early stages, relieves liver and spleen disorders, relieves nausea and general weakness, relieves heart palpitations in patients with nervous disorders, treats tremors and flu, asthma, epilepsy, pertussis and laryngitis, stops vaginal secretion, relieves indigestion associated with infectious intestinal fermentation, relieves general malaise, lowers blood pressure, increases gastric acid, anti-neurological disease and insomnia, is good for colds.
  2. Brew 10 to 50 grams of it in a liter of boiling water for 15 minutes and strain the water and drink 2 cups of it in the morning and evening; drink after breakfast and before dinner. It is a diuretic and reduce yellow bile, it cures urinary retention, it relieves respiratory tract infections, sore throat and angina, it strengthens the body, heart and viscera, all external and internal forces and purifies the soul, anxiety and nervous fatigue, hemorrhoids and treats jaundice, stop bleeding, paralysis, typhoid, chronic headaches and concussions, regulates menstruation.
  3. Every day between breakfast and lunch and between dinners, drink a cup of its brew tea and also pulverize it dry and sprinkle it on the scalp and wrap the head or put a hat on. It relieves anger, relieves dizziness, and treats headaches or migraines.
  4. Pulverize 16 grams of it gently every day and mix it with water and honey and drink it. Heals head ulcer.
  5. Boil 10 grams of it in a glass of water, then strain the water and mix it with 250 grams of honey and drink it gradually. Treats chronic headaches.
  6. Pound 100 grams of it dry and mix it in a liter of Olive oil and leave it under the sun for eight days, then massage the painful area with it every day. Treats swelling and pain in the big toe or gout.
  7. Rubbing and rinsing with its warm boiled water is useful for treating gout, rheumatic disorders, bruises, dislocations and ecchymosis.
  8. Bath with water that contains the essential oil of Lavender, is anti-cold, calms the nerves, is invigorating, eliminates itching and fungal diseases of the genitals, is anti-depressant and disturbed thoughts, restores mental balance , treats rubella, scarlet fever and smallpox.

Lavender Side Effects

Those who consume it for lung disorders should definitely consume it with Gum Tragacanth and Gum Arabic, those who have thirst or agitated, as well yellow bile temperament people should eat it with Sekanjebin.

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