Scientific Name:
1- Ferula gummosa Boiss.
2- Ferula rubricaulis Boiss.
1- Ferula gummosa Boiss. = Ferula galbaniflua Boiss. & Buhse
2- Ferula rubricaulis Boiss. = Peucedanum rubricaule (Boiss.) Baill.
English Name: Galbanum resin
Other Names in English: Galbanum Solid Tear Drop
Family: Apiaceae



Persian Name: باریجه/ Barijeh
German Name: Galbanum
French Name: Galbanum


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About Ferula Gummosa

Ferula gummosa is a perennial plant that reaches two meters in height. The stems of Ferula gummosa plant are relatively thick, hollow, and slightly hairy, and there are longitudinal grooves on their surface. The cross section of the stem of this plant is circular. At the junction of the secondary stems with the main stem, there is a green covering that covers part of the secondary stem.

The leaves of this plant have many cuts and are divided into small and pointed parts. These leaves grow mostly at the bottom of the plant. The flowers are yellow and very small and grow in clusters and umbrella-shaped at the end of the secondary stems.

The buds are oval, slightly elongated, relatively wide, and sharp, and several longitudinal and cream-colored lines can be seen on their surface. The edges are creamy yellow. After the flowers dry, the leaves grow in the form of umbrellas in the same place.

The sap of the root and stem of this plant is white and slightly diluted at first, and it gradually hardens and turns yellow due to the proximity of air. Then it becomes harder and drier and turns red. Galbanum resin has an astringent and bitter taste. It has no impurities. It has a pungent aroma and stings when it contacts with the tongue.

All parts of this plant have a spicy aroma.

Galbanum Chemical Constituents

Essential oil 10-19.5%, gum 5-10%, 63-75% resin which are Galbano-Resinotannole and Umbelliferone.

Galbanum Temperament

Third degree of hot and second degree of dry.

Galbanum Health Benefits

  1. If you eat three grams of Ferula gummosa resin with water, it is stimulant, disinfecting and emmenagogue, it is a laxative, warming and dissolves gas and bloating, to relieve shortness of breath, soften the chest, relieve old cough, chronic bronchitis, strengthen the uterus, is beneficial for relieving uterine suffocation, treating epilepsy, neurological diseases and weakness of the stomach, liver and spleen, and if eaten for 3 consecutive days, it is useful for relieving urethral irritation and hemorrhoids.
  2. Mix three grams of Ferula gummosa resin with honey and eat it. It is useful for crushing bladder and kidney stones, opening kidney blockage and facilitating childbirth.
  3. Eat 15 grams of it with boiled Common Rue (Ruta graveolens) decoction or a little Bitter Almond oil. It is useful for removing toxins.
  4. Mix three grams of it with three grams of Myrrh in some dilute vinegar and drink. It is beneficial for removing the dead fetus and choroid.
  5. Dissolve it in a little Iris oil and drop it in the ear. Relieves ear pain, rubbing it is useful for treating tetanus, relieving side and back pain, and resorption of abscess and scrofula, if placed on the back of the uterus, it is useful for relieving uterine pain.

Galbanum Side Effects

Harmful to hot temperaments, should not be used in hot areas and in hot seasons.

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